Spring cleaning: more bits of the hermitage fly away


27 tonne log-splitter and 250 gallon roof water bucket… gone. There are those who can use them more than me. I said, “Awww…” to express my sadness as a pieces of my life were carted away. The people carting them away laughed at my “Awww…” commiserating with me. Lots of memories:

holy souls hermitage ad orientem 1

Spring cleaning is not what our Lord would consider as almsgiving. He might ask, “What took you so long?” And then add, “Pfft!”, in good humor, of course.

There’s much more and much less to almsgiving than what I did here. Real almsgiving is all about our Lord’s charity and not our mere largess. We are to be so absent from our own almsgiving that our our left hand (recalling “sinister”, sorry lefties) doesn’t know what our right hand (recalling the power of God and even “ben yamin” Benjamin, recently mocked in the Congress of these USA) is doing.

Almsgiving is about the Body of Christ. He draws all to Himself as He is lifted up on the Cross, so that, as Saint Paul says, He is the Head of the Body and we the members, so that we, by redemption, belong to each other, hopefully also by way of salvation.

Question: Do you have things you don’t even use that someone else could really use and you’re hanging on to those things just because there is some emotional attachment? This kind of thing is an easy introduction to almsgiving. Our Lord might say “Pfft!” in good humor. He is so very patient with us, and teaches us about the solidarity we are to have with each other in this otherwise dark world.


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2 responses to “Spring cleaning: more bits of the hermitage fly away

  1. pelerin

    ‘do you have things’ etc. YES!!! I do find it very hard to get rid of things I no longer use. I will get an item out of a cupboard which I have not used for years, look at it then put it back!

    However by coincidence I started last week and found a knapsack I have not used for some years but could not bring myself to throw away – memories of trips using it etc. I left it on the gate post with a notice ‘Please Take’ at 10 o’clock and by mid day it was gone. I actually felt liberated after thinking that at least someone has taken it who wants it.

    We have lots of charity shops in my town so I shall look out more ‘stuff’ and donate following your advice. Thank you for the encouragement.

  2. Nan

    I’m sorting 2 big closets in my apartment and hope to finish before Easter, then plan to sort a 10 x 10 storage unit after Easter. donating to thrift stores the next couple of weeks and the church rummage sale after that.

    I’m looking for the low hanging fruit because I need to get rid of the storage unit. A lot is from mom’s house and I was more interested in spending time with her than sorting more stuff, then was hit by a car a month before she died so I couldn’t deal with it. Then my sister died.

    I’m also interested in finding the best use for things, so will be thinking about some of those emotional things. I’m taking my childhood doll beds to a friend this week, who will give them to her great-nieces.

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