Trump: “We don’t worship politicians. We worship God.”


Some of our ecclesiastical leaders would do well to say something like that:

Bishops and priests: “We don’t worship bishops and priests. We worship God.”

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One response to “Trump: “We don’t worship politicians. We worship God.”

  1. elizdelphi

    My next door neighbor recently insisted to me that Catholics worship the Pope. Claimed that veneration of John Paul II at the viewing of his body after his death was worship. Insisted we consider the Pope to pretty much be in the place of God and we worship him and it’s forbidden to criticize him. I told him that is extremely far from true and read some religion news.

    At the church where I went to Mass today they blessed after Mass a brand new really nice painted wood statue, made in northern Italy, of St John Paul II (I guess it is the 5 yr anniversary of his canonization–also I guess the statue is just in time for Divine Mercy Sunday). They used the Book of Blessings which had an annoying long introduction explaining about veneration of saints’ images. I was thinking that the priest should have bothered the other priest’s Rituale Romanum. But on the other hand if there was a protestant around at least they would have heard an explanation that ruled out the possibility that we were worshiping JPII or his statue.

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