Damned CCHD USCCB Hypocrisy: How long, O Lord?

This is Michael Voris fighting for the splendor of the truth with all his might, and, I must say, he does an absolutely superb job. Thank you, Michael. It’s because of episodes like this that this priest stopped taking collections for the CCHD of the hypocritical USCCB decades ago. Stunning work, as it has been all these years on this very topic.

The Second Special Collection for the CCHD, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development taken in all parishes of (arch)dioceses etc of the USCCB, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is not Catholic, indeed, is anti-Catholic, is certainly a Democratic campaign, is certainly inhuman and inhumane, and means to take away all development. The CCHD of the USCCB is pro-contraception, pro-abortifacients, pro-abortion, pro-gay, pro-socialist/marxist fill in the blank with filth of whatever horrible blight on society there could possibly be. This has been going on for forty years. There’s a complaint each year, a cover-up each year, another exposition about the continuing hypocrisy, another entrenching in absolute filth and murder. It goes on and on…

Hey! There’s something in it for participating bishops! They get 25% of the dollars right off the top! Way to profit off the corpses of the babies, your Excellencies! Great work! And I spit in all your faces. You risk going straight to hell.

And if the USCCB wants to suspend this priest for saying that they have s*** for brains, so be it. I don’t say it because they are not smart. They’re very smart. I say it because they’ve used their intelligence to replace their brains with s*** on purpose. I’m not going to participate in the murder of kids by taking a collection in church for the murder of kids. What the hell…


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13 responses to “Damned CCHD USCCB Hypocrisy: How long, O Lord?

  1. sanfelipe007

    What the hell is right! Thanks to Mr. Voris, I too, have known about this and did not give any money to the CCHD collection.

  2. gk

    Satan’s tentacles run deep …………………How much longer, can’t come soon enough for me………………..

  3. Joisy Goil

    Many years ago I got into a dispute with my employer over the United Way campaign. When I learned that a good portion of the donated funds went to Planned Parenthood I refused to participate. At one time you could designate where you wanted your donation to go. (they stopped that of course – easy to figure out why) So I did not donate. Our employer sweetened the pot by offering a day off with pay if the entire department participated and donated. I still said no on moral grounds. Then the diocesan newspaper had a picture on the front page with our ArchBishop and several politicians holding a giant check. The check represented the ‘support’ of the local Catholic Church for the great work the United Way did. Everybody in the picture was smiling. (All such nice folks.) The next day at work, my boss threw the picture in my face and sneered, “guess, you’re holier than your archbishop!” I still resisted. After I left the company I learned the boss made a one time donation of $10 in my name in order to get the 100% participation and day off for the department.

    I wrote to the Archbishop and said I felt he betrayed the church and me. That was back in the late ’80’s. I’m still waiting for an reply.

  4. Claire Dion

    You Go Fr. George- You are my new Catholic hero.

  5. Jim Anderson

    Unfortunately, due to the clericalism of most bishops, the average pastor is not willing to put his career on the line for life issues.

  6. I posted Fr. Byers post on my Facebook and Linkedin pages just 3 hours ag, and they have a generated a multitude of praise for Fr. George and broad agreement with what he has here revealed. This is the sort of thing for which the bishops count on the silence of many to help them ignore the noise of the few. Bravo Fr. George! With fraternal blessings Fr. Gordon MacRaee

  7. The audacity! Thank you Fr Byers.

  8. A lovely anecdote :-)

  9. Boycott the CCHD and shame your pastor for taking up the collection.
    God bless father Byers and Michael Voris

  10. James Anderson

    It has also been shown that Catholic Relief Services (CRS) facilitates contraception and abortion worldwide. The bureaucrats running CRS thrive on Government money and to get that money you have to be politically correct in all things including morality. The bishops also like the money, so they look the other way.

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