Pachamama thrower reveal


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7 responses to “Pachamama thrower reveal

  1. pelerin

    Well done to this young man. How wonderful to see someone from his generation taking the trouble to stand up for his Faith in this way. Perhaps a future Seminarian and Priest?

  2. This young man understands the faith better than our current Pope. How sad !

    • Father George David Byers

      Instead, that’s always the way. There’s always someone better or worse than you,!

  3. elizdelphi

    Wiser than the Pope. I had heard that some Italian fake priest had taken credit for the actions so this surprised me a little but in a good way, this is a down to earth person who explained his action welll and I will be interested to see his follow up video.

    • Father George David Byers

      The other one as I understand is not ordained. Crux said it was him and then took down their article.

  4. elizdelphi

    In his long interview with Taylor Marshall the pachamama thrower explains he had his portugese speaking friend find out more from the Amazonian contingent in Santa Maria in Transpontina and they said forthrightly that they were communists who admired the amazonian native way of life, its egalitarianism, there was as much political (ie against the president of Brazil) as “Amazonian” and pagan stuff in their displays. What he said actually clarified the nature of it and fit with reports that communists were the ones who had been spreading this “pachamama” devotion in the Amazon–this man really verified the best he could what was happening on the ground there before he took action. It seems like he is unambiguously right in what he did. The man Alexander is a well known leader in the pro life movement in Austria and Taylor Marshall, warning him that “they will go after you” urged him to be a leader in building/organizing a faithful Catholic movement in Europe that doesn’t exist there to the extent that such things exist in the US.

    It is unbelievably to the shame of the Church and the Pope that this communist strain, that even promotes pagan idolatry, was the dominant one at a synod on the region. If some cardinals were to submit dubia to Pope Francis on whether it is licit for Catholics to bow down to idols of pagan deities would he not be at least as offended and angry as he was about the prior dubia? What can he possibly say now “I apologize that Catholics bowed down to pagan idols on my watch”? After he said “I apologize to those who were offended that the idols were thrown into the Tiber”?

    Lame duck Pope, no credibility.

  5. Liz

    Prayers for this young man. I am so impressed with him in all of the interviews that I watched. We have added him and his loved ones to our prayers.

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