Keto Diet Day 1: The outlook is easy now

jabba the hut

Have you ever tried to diet? The other year I tried counting calories. I lost something like 20 pounds if I remember correctly, just eating less and better. The problem with being a priest is that everyone wants to take you to dinner. I almost never ever go, but if it’s not one thing it’s another. We also have socials after Sunday Masses. All sorts of people drop off freshly prepared meals at church and at the rectory also during the week.

It’s easy to fail with a system that merely counts calories regardless of where they come from as everyone says just to cheat with this (whatever they are offering) and then just not eat some other thing later on. Grrr. I survived a mere two months and never went back to the diet and put all the weight back on, having caved in fully to Jesus’ words to His disciples about eating what is put before you, but of course, in an exaggerated and fallen human nature kind of way. Now I’m lost.

Now I’m too big, too unhealthy, and Jesus surely doesn’t want that at all for His priests.

But then I was introduced to the keto diet. I was told to check with my doctor. You have to know, I have the coolest doctor in the world. Not only did he instantly confirm I was fit carrying a carry (a one-time law in this state – don’t know if it still is) – he also being a gun guy – but he and his wife are also keto-dieters. He said my kidney function and all else is just fine and that I’m quite the good candidate for the keto diet. Great!

There are so many things to watch out for, not only calories but also carbs and fats and protein. Since this can only be managed by the person who is actually doing the dieting, it is the perfect excuse to give to those who want to load me up with all sorts of food on any and every occasion. And no one’s feelings are hurt. Great!

The one draw back, which is actually very healthy, but difficult for me because I’m in my car really a lot, is that one has to drink really a lot of water to flush out all the chemicals and horror that has been building up in one’s body. I’ve added water to my daily intake schedule to make sure I get through the volumes required. I’m starting with just over a half ounce per pound of weight. I confess that I’ve been drinking very very little. Which is really bad. But now… Well… We’ll see…

It’s said that malaise will grip one’s heart and mind and one’s very soul – to death – for about three days or so, either fairly quickly, or about a week or two into it. But once getting over that, it’s said that one’s energy levels will be much better. But there’s also the practicalities of travel! But, I don’t want to be stopped before I start. As it is…

 – the outlook is easy now –


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12 responses to “Keto Diet Day 1: The outlook is easy now

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  2. Terry

    It’s interesting your doctor approves. I’ve spoken to a few doctors and a nutritionist who say Keto is the worst. Of course, there are always exceptions, but they said it’s not a long-term solution, people usually gain weight when they start eating “normal” again, it can raise cholesterol & triglycerides. I had a friend who lost 50 lbs on Keto but said she was starting to have “weird” BO. She quit and has gained back 20 lbs. I tried Keto and immediately craved watermelon, bananas, wine, etc. I didn’t last long!
    These Keto-haters all advocated a Mediterranean diet…lean meats (red meat once a week), vegetables, nuts, healthy oils, limited dairy, fruits, healthy carbs and of course a glass of red wine a day if you like. Oh…and portion control (what’s that??) is a must.
    I too struggle with weight (sugar is my drug of choice). I’ve started looking for a Catholic answer to this fight. My messed up relationship with food is some sort of internal struggle. Got any guidance, Father?

  3. Carroll Keen

    You can do it! Also, a positive note: since keto food doesn’t have a loot of junk in it, it is easy and fast to prepare.

  4. No doubt about carbohydrates making one hungry, and fats do decrease one’s appetite. Keto strikes me as a fad-diet just like the high carb and high protein diets that came before. Also all neglect the effects of the typical American high salt diet which increases appetite and weight gain.

  5. sanfelipe007

    Each person is different! Whatever diet to which your body (not you!) best responds ,is the best for you. For me it is the Atkins diet. I safely lost the most weight I have ever lost. I was actually back to my high-school weight! I felt great! I stayed on that diet for a few years, and my weight never yo-yo’d.
    But all good things come to an end. I had a sports injury that laid me up for a while during which my caregivers smothered me in food. That (as they say), was that. Not unlike an alcoholic, I relapsed. Now, decades later, I am unwilling to restart the Atkins diet. If I did, I figure I’d end up like my dad – the most handsome body in the morgue.

  6. Aussie Mum

    I think the worst thing for us has been the increase in refined foods (most of the nutrition removed – hence empty calories – and chemicals added). One can actually gain weight because of being poorly nourished for then one craves more food. The best thing, I think, is to reduce the refined stuff and increase what is nutritious but that’s easier said than done. It can be hard to find the time to make food from scratch when one has a lot to do or is low on energy. In that case, perhaps the best thing is to make one very nutritious meal a day (like meat and veg or quiche and salad) and something quick but healthy at the other end of the day like 2 eggs on toast or fresh/frozen fruit with cream; and other than that water or tea without sugar or artificial sweeteners throughout the day, but I wouldn’t overdo the water. Too much can disturb the electrolyte balance.
    When I say cream, I mean real cream not the reduced cream with added gums etc. Also butter is good but not margarine. The latter is hydrogenated refined vegetable oil, some of it GMO, and none of that is good. Unrefined coconut and olive oil are good for salads but something with a higher smoke point is better for cooking (e.g. ghee, lard, dripping). I don’t see any harm in red meat, in fact it packs a lot of nutrition, but burning it black isn’t a good idea; however, I would definitely restrict processed meats.
    Having fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs always on hand for cooking and salads is not easy as most don’t last long, even in the refrigerator, once brought home from the shop. Therefore, buying frozen fruit and vegetables (frozen is superior to canned) plus growing – even just in pots – what one can’t buy frozen, such as leafy greens, saves a lot of wastage and money as well.
    Apparently weight is also lost if one eats the day’s food within any 8 hour window (e.g. between 11am and 7pm) so that the body fasts 16 hours in every 24.

  7. nancyv

    Best wishes in figuring out your lifestyle eating habit change. You will have success with a program called Infinite 30 (a costly, time-consuming and 100% totally worth it program, but don’t know if it is available in your area). It is kindred to the keto diet I think. But diets aside, it must be a lifestyle change as you well know.
    My doc said stick to the foods that you find on the perimeter of the grocery store. All the food stuff in the interior aisles is useless. Eliminate any added sugars. Sweeten with stevia ONLY. Any other artificial sweetener is poison to your body. Look at labels – nothing over 10 g for sugar. A stupid can of Pepsi has 69 grams of sugar. Take the piece of cake and share it with someone or save half for later.
    Thank God at every opportunity you open your mouth to food and ask “is this to glorify God or myself?” (Sorry – that is for folks like me who fall into gluttony)
    Take a picture of yourself now (that recent mug shot will do :) and then 3 months from now for motivation. Again, best wishes!

  8. sanfelipe007

    My dear departed sister told me an anecdote concerning a study conducted on the subject of diets and dieting. The respondents were asked to write down everything they would eat on a failed diet. The researchers then fed each participant exactly what they had written down. Guess what? They all lost at least some weight.

  9. James Anderson

    I read the note at the bottom after reading all the comments and thought it said: “This site uses Atkins to reduce spam.”

  10. Joisy Goil

    I have heard that the best diet is to only eat what Jesus would have eaten. No fast food, no prepared foods, and no gourmet items. Instead try to eat fresh fruits, dried figs, dates, olives, vegetables, olive oil, fresh meats, bread, grains. It sounds so easy. And is probably real good for you, but it’s hard to pass up the junk foods we have all become so addicted to. No one is perfect. I wish you good luck on your diet. I too need to loose weight. I’m making a novena asking for help with this.

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