DNA results updated: great distraction


DNA is entirely interesting and distracting and therefore such a temptation to escape into that which simply has nothing to do with the daily anti-Catholic smash-downs of the faith or anything else that is oppressing you in your daily life.

Do DNAers have pitfalls to avoid. Sure. Like everything else. The fearful might say DNA is all about mere identity politics and leads to racism and violence. Some who are a bit more cheerful might say DNA is all about saying how ignorant identity politics and racism and violence is. Chesterton smartly destroys any effort to manipulate “race” as being about “race.” I love Gilbert Keith.

Ancestry is the one I did. That one is great for telling you where happenstance participants around the world are close relatives. Mine are concentrated in southern Poland. That’s been re-emphasized in the revision – not of the DNA mind you – but of the database behind any DNA sampling. Southern Poland!

However, trace ancestry that was once mentioned when I signed up, Nordic countries for example, was all entirely ignored in the next revision, but then came back stronger than ever in the most recent revision the other day. I’m not all that convinced that Ancestry is good for anything more than three or four generations. The reason for that is their doing both mother’s and father’s lines conjointly. My use of terminology may not be exact.

I would like to do both my dad’s and mom’s lines separately. Any well established trusted companies for that? Or are you better at resisting temptation than I am? ;-)



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4 responses to “DNA results updated: great distraction

  1. pelerin

    There is much interest here in Britain too regarding ancestry and a series of programmes on television charting the ancestors of celebrities is very popular.. I watched one yesterday in which a Cockney (Londoner) actor was astonished to find that according to the TV researchers he was descended from King Edward III thus making King William the Conqueror an ancestor of his as well.
    Of course all this research presumes that each father was really the natural father – I believe the Jewish custom takes heredity through the mother’s line and so is more certain to be accurate!
    One of my friends is awaiting the result of her DNA test taken recently. She is Austrian but is intrigued to know what other nationalities she may have in her ancestry. My mother’s maiden name was a German/Swiss surname – we British are all very much a melting pot of many nationalities. However we must not forget that all of us belong to the human race whatever our nationality.

  2. sanfelipe007

    I generally resist such temptations -somewhere in the OT The People of God did a census and God was not pleased. But I will confess to owning a history book entirely devoted to my family name. It is not a pleasant read. History is written by the winners, with my family the losers.

  3. sanfelipe007

    Let me temper my first comment by noting that there are genealogies aplenty in the Bible. I will leave it to Father to explain why The Lord took exception to that census because it was a different matter.

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