Christopher Columbus: the true story, not fake news


  • “A thorough examination of the life and legacy of the fearless discoverer of America, narrated by actor Chazz Palminteri, this film provides insight into Christopher Columbus’ remarkable genius as a sea navigator as well as his deep desire to bring all nations to Christ. Through expert interviews and archival footage, we look at the origins of Columbus Day and the symbolic role that Columbus has for Catholic immigrants, especially Italian Americans. Finally, the film addresses the current indictments against Christopher Columbus with boldness and exposes the motives behind the attacks of revisionist historians. Courage and Conviction shows why Christopher Columbus remains not only a man worthy of admiration, but a noble icon of what it means to be a Catholic and an America.”

/// Nota bene: this was up on YT but now only the advertisement is up as well as some anti videos including one gal giving the finger to Christopher Columbus. I was able to get the URL as it was still in my history and it works for those who have the link. I’m not sure why it was taken down.


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6 responses to “Christopher Columbus: the true story, not fake news

  1. James Anderson

    NB: The film is TRUTH and TRUTH is no longer acceptable to the media pundits. Therefore the film must go.

  2. pelerin

    That was a fascinating film. I was astonished to learn that Columbus ‘never even set foot on the mainland of America.’ We in England were brought up to believe that Columbus ‘discovered’ America and we all knew the rhyme – ‘In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.’ In fact that date together with 1066 (the invasion of William the Conqueror) are the two dates all school children in Britain never forget.

  3. nancyv

    Oh, this was good! Thank you and shared with others.

  4. I clipped this from the internet so that it would be some one else’s words:
    “In March of 2020, Colorado passed legislation replacing Columbus Day with Cabrini Day, honoring St. Frances Cabrini. But who was Frances Cabrini? Cabrini was the first American saint, and is known as the patron saint of immigrants. “
    The Italian Governor of NY unveiled a statue of this nun on Columbus Day 2020 in NYC. That day is very big among Italian Americans in NYC. Knowing politics, I assume the governor is testing the waters on making the holiday switch.
    Good move? Bad move?

  5. MartinaBSP

    As conservative radio host, Dennis Prager, repeatedly–and so wisely–remarks:
    “Whatever the left touches, it destroys.”

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