American Community Survey and Buying Elections? This priest rebels.

The American Community Survey is meant to take a snapshot of a community through the lens of a fish bowl view of just a few individuals in that community with the aim of using this information gleaned from a few people as the rationalization for the distribution of billions of dollars of government grants for the benefit of the entire local population.

The two would-be respondents in my area that I know about have both worked for the U.S. Census Bureau and both are good-to-go for NOT needing any government funding, that is, more so than the vast majority of the local population. So, the obviously non-random choosing of us is a purposed skewing of the needs of this region, making it seem as if we have no needs at all for any federal monies in this region.

Nothing could be further from the truth. This region is far and away one of the most drug-infested, violent, gang fraught, ultra poor areas in these U.S.A. It would be great if the American Community Survey could go to the drug houses and out-shacks in this little town and examine what’s going on there, with, say, one or two dozen people living in just one wretched trailer without any human dignity whatsoever (one trailer counts 28 people…), or, say, a half-dozen in a garden shed with no facilities, no water, no electricity. Yes. Why doesn’t the ACS put such people in a fish bowl, examine them, and discover the true needs of this area? Seems to me that the purpose of not examining those who are truly needy is because the ACS desires to distribute that money elsewhere, you know, for political reasons.

After all, this is one of those white-privileged areas – mostly Scots-Irish – so we are not worthy, by definition, of any programs; we are not worthy of help for proper water and sewer coverage, for proper equipment for the volunteer fire department, for the propping up of our tiny police force, etc., and so on and so forth.

Federal monies are much better spent on populations – it is thought by the U.S. Bureau – populations that will take that money as a welcome bribe to vote in a certain manner in certain elections. Right? I mean, the politicos will jump at the chance to claim that they themselves are personally the beneficiaries, right? Because people in this area won’t be bribed (proven fact), we are not worthy, right?

I’m sick of the gangster corruption of these Marxists, and they are that, right? After all, you purposely withhold every possible bit of help for poorest of the poor and you make them angry, join gangs; you community organize in this way against “the man”, right? Typical. I’ve seen this in Marxist countries all around the world. Now I’m seeing a push for it here.

I hate that I’m being pushed to be a puppet in all this by being made a respondent of the American Community Survey, in which, get this, they themselves say that they will change the answer to fit their needs. Yep.

This is anti-American.
This is anti-Community.
This is not a Survey.

I’m not going to be forced into doing this. I know, it’s up to a $5,000.00 dollar fine and up to five years in a federal penitentiary for refusing to participate. But it seems to me that the entirety of this operation is immoral.

There’s one thing I learned in life: Never compromise. Once you compromise you’re done; it’s over; you are owned; you are nothing, a mere puppet. That’s a foretaste of hell.

Ain’t gonna happen. I want to go to heaven.

I totally realize the ACS will rush to get other respondents to prove that what I say here is bunk. Whatever, I have many other reasons for refusing to participate in the ACS. I’ve written about another in these pages. I have yet others, one more serious than the other.


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2 responses to “American Community Survey and Buying Elections? This priest rebels.

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    God bless and protect you from the evil that has invaded this once glorious nation. This was a republic, and we are rapidly loosing it.

  2. Yes , survey’s most often are constructed to benefit the person conducting the survey. Why would someone conduct a survey that brings them harm? Advocacy groups are big into surveys. Historically republicans have not been big on advocacy groups. Today I must take a course on “the gender identity toolkit” Fortunately I lost my password.

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