Tourniquet EDC method & new TLM parishioners because the Church is bleeding out for the wrong reasons

Those who know what they’re looking at instantly know how to do this. The tourniquet is totally out of the way. I don’t even know it’s there. The extra-thick zip tie can be cut with one swipe by the holstered 2.5″ straight blade screwed to the paddle holster for the two extra fmj double-stacks. The G-19[4] is chambered with plastic filled hollow-points. One might quickly switch out according to circumstance. Any other way of carrying a tourniquet was too cumbersome, too awkward, which means you won’t carry it at all. This simply works. I had the intention to figure out how to do this since I saw that police tribute that involved a tourniquet.

Just 14 seconds: 1:11 to 1:25. The guy would otherwise have bled out.

  • “So, a priest who carries and says the TLM!” an older couple new to the area and the parish exclaimed well after the 11:00 AM Mass this past Sunday in the parish Church when I was getting ready to head out on Communion Calls. They stayed because they wanted to thank me for the TLM but then saw that I was carrying. I started to explain that I was also a LEO chaplain, but was interrupted with their enthusiasm: “I’ll have to tell my daughter to come to this Mass as well when she’s here to visit. She loves the TLM, and goes to the SSPX. We love that you also carry. We live in crazy times. We’ll be back.”

No one has ever complained that I carry. Quite the opposite. They love it, and feel safe. And proclaim this happily. Some have said they wouldn’t come to Mass in these crazy times (most of the time with no law enforcement available for hours at a time)… they wouldn’t come “unless our best-shot was there to protect us.” They meant me, but I’m NOT the best shot in the parish by a long-shot, so to speak. But the guy who’s better doesn’t carry, saying he doesn’t need a weapon to do what needs to be done. He’s pretty amazing. But pretty much the entire parish is armed to the teeth. :-)

But then this gentleman put me to a litmus test (you gotta love that!):

  • “But Father, tell me this, did your church stay open during all the lockdown stupidity?”
  • “Yes, of course we stayed open.”
  • “Great, Father. That’s great. That’s just not the way it is elsewhere. Thank you for providing the Sacraments.”
  • “How could a father not feed his family, a pastor not tend his flock?”

The TLM has been our tourniquet in this Church which, right around the world, is entirely a field hospital with entirely malicious “friendly fire” rounds thrown out at Christ’s Little Flock in bewildering crossfire, everyone wounded and bleeding out from the ones you would least expect. That’s what betrayal is, right?

Even the Pope has entirely abandoned the faith, encouraging idol worship and same sex unions and, of course, after all that and more, dissing the Traditional and Ancient Rite of Mass as invalid. That and a thousand other of his heresies and insults against Jesus and Mary and smashing down of all that is good and holy means abandonment of the faith. Untold numbers of people are scandalized and risk going straight to hell.

We need Jesus and His Living Truth, all the doctrine, all the morality. We need all the Sacred Scriptures. All of Sacred Tradition. All of the interventions of the Supreme Magisterium of the Church. These are all part and parcel of the tourniquet of the field hospital.


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2 responses to “Tourniquet EDC method & new TLM parishioners because the Church is bleeding out for the wrong reasons

  1. Paul Maliborski

    Don’t forget to label a date and time the tourniquet was placed into use. There should be a tag on your tourniquet for that. If not write on the subjects arm. Paramedics need this info.

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