30 years of Holy Mass

As I’ve always said, and excuse my “French”, the main job of the priest is get his own hell out of the way so that he might be given over to manifesting the priesthood of the One and Only Priest, Christ Jesus. That’s all the priest has to do, get his own hell out of the way, doing this by Confession and prayer and doing what he’s supposed to do according to Christ Jesus and His Church, regardless of any disgruntlement of secular or even religious authorities who act ultra vires (beyond their powers) in their promotion of abortion (collecting monies for abortion programs), abortion tainted vaccines, promotion of the “vision of Pope Francis” regardless of idol worship, encouragement of alphabet sex, etc. The priest is not to compromise, not ever. Jesus will take care of His being a priest, even though the priest has enemies in the episcopacy and among his fellow priests.

  • “But Father George! Father George! You don’t sound very happy as a priest! Maybe you should be one of those married priests, Father George!”

This is perhaps too much a secret. All priests are married to the Church through their daily repeated wedding vows every time they say Holy Mass, acting in Persona Christi: This is my body given for you in Sacrifice, my blood poured out for you in Sacrifice, for the many, for the forgiveness of sin.

Also, about happiness in the priesthood. This happiness is occasioned by not compromising, then, of course, getting smashed down, but then watching the One High Priest go to work. I’ve seen it so many times in my own priesthood. It’s really quite exhilarating, making one laugh out loud however serious the circumstances. As the Master so the disciple doesn’t only refer to the joy of remaining steadfast in times of trial and tribulation (and that is a great joy), but also to that which Christ Jesus referred when He spoke of the subsequent blessedness of those who stood by Him in His trials: “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful. […] Enter into the joy of your master!”

I’m forever wanting to go to heaven. That’s not presumption, but the hope we must have. One of the many rocks I received with various of my oft-repeated sayings:

Today, Tuesday, is my anniversary. But all the partying was all on Sunday after the last Holy Mass, before Communion Calls. But beforehand, earlier in the day:


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10 responses to “30 years of Holy Mass

  1. Tom Schott

    Happy Anniversary…and many happy returns.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    I have never met you in person, Father, but you have been an inspiration to me. Thank you for the gift you give every day. God bless you. May you have 30 more years to be a good shepherd, a follower of the Good Shepherd and a leader of Christ’s flock.

  3. nancyv

    Oh HAPPY BLESSED Anniversary Father! You are a faithful spouse and God willing, may you have 30 more years 🙂

  4. akperera

    Ad multos annos! Congratulations dear Father, you do us much good bringing us closer to Christ and His Blessed Mother though your blog posts. In my daily prayers and a Rosary today for your anniversary.

  5. janeabrown47hotmailcom

    May our Lord bless and keep you safe.Thank you for being a voice of truth.

  6. sanfelipe007

    happy anniversary, Father! Another 30, please God.

  7. Mildred Reyes

    May our dear Mother hug you tightly every day. AVE MARIA. Happy anniversary to you Father George for untold inspirations ! AMDG Mildred also ANGEL of GOD.

    Sent from my iPad


  8. Joisy Goil

    God Blest you, Father George, on this day of your 30th Ordination anniversary and always.
    I also want to go to heaven. We will probably not meet in person here on earth, but we will for sure in heaven.

  9. Happy Anniversary, Father! God bless you.

  10. Aussie Mum

    I’m a little late but Happy 30th Anniversary! Thank you for everything, Father, and praying God grants you many more years (we all need you) before He takes you home to Him. God bless.

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