SSPX SG vs +Athanasius Schneider on “vaccine” mandates: *Extreme Contradiction* Yikes!

I agree with everything Bishop Athanasius Schneider says. Thanks, Michael Matt, for putting this up.

Meanwhile, I just can’t wrap my mind around why this other guy can’t say anything.

And I’m not brushing with a broad stroke the SSPX…

Again: I just can’t wrap my mind around why the “Superior General” of the SSPX runs and hides. In his first answer in the Q and A he accepts the legitimacy of getting the “vaccine”. He’s got the worst moral theology ever, like a summary of all errors in moral theology. Just. Wow.

These babies were in fact purpose-murdered to rip out their organs to research and develop and test vaccines. Anyone complicit with the purposed murder is… wait for it… complicit with the purposed murder. The examples this guy gives have nothing to do with any double-effect theory. His accepting of doing a direct evil to achieve some feigned good is a mortal sin which will bring one to hell, forever.

Just because the purposed-murder was some years ago means nothing scientifically. Those organs are still used. And “vaccines” are developed during this entire time. And time isn’t a moral category. The evil of original sin is still with us. People go to hell forever for their mortal sins, not just for a few years. Jesus’ redemption is good for us forever, not just for a few people at the time.

Is this representative of the SSPX? Did all of their smart people leave to the Good Shepherd crowd years ago? This talk and this answer will go down in history as an example of the moral heresy we have today.


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3 responses to “SSPX SG vs +Athanasius Schneider on “vaccine” mandates: *Extreme Contradiction* Yikes!

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    God bless Bishop Athanasius Schneider. He is like the lighthouse guiding the ship of our souls into safe harbor. The SSPX has drifted far, far out to sea in the midst of a cyclone

  2. sanfelipe007

    “Theme of this talk is about the mission of society.”

    What? Shouldn’t the theme be the mission of the Church? Or better still, the mission of Jesus? any time some one prefaces their answer with “it’s a complicated issue” I know truth be be economized, spread thin, as a veneer for show – hiding what is real underneath.

  3. Thomas Jean

    Thank you for posting this.

    We still bring our kids to the sspx because unfortunately we have no other choice I will no longer make large donations because I no longer want to support the leadership of the sspx I will give the money to priests who are more clear on crucial subjects like the vaccine and abortion. We can only guess as to why this guy says what he says is he a mason? Does he not really know? In either case they need to get rid of him. There are many more lay people like me and we have had it with this garbage and we’re going to vote with our money.

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