The blog slowing down doesn’t mean…


Of course, just because the blog slowed down for a while doesn’t mean that things haven’t been at breakneck speed. I’m still racing around to the shut-ins and the hospitals and nursing homes (the picture above being an on-the-way shot. The blog slowing down for just a bit could mean that things have been moving along faster than ever. I hope that doesn’t mean motus in fine velocior. Let’s just say: motus velocior.

Someone showed up recently – Army (counter)intel for years and now a handler for another rather important counterterrorism intel guy – to insist on giving me what he called an “assignment”, namely, considering the fact that if the demise of someone, obviously known to me (an insurance policy) were to come about such a person will not deliberately have committed suicide (a method of the CIA). Obviously there is a very specific person with a very specific intention to murder another very specific person in a way that makes it look like suicide and I should know, of all people, that that isn’t going to be a suicide but rather a murder. There were five individuals known to me who were individuated. So, there’s some sort of ultimatum being provided about what, I don’t know – or else – so that I had better stop whatever it is I’m doing that counterterrorism is interested in having me stop pursuing. I mean, there are a couple of things, one, in fact, that is rather far reaching and which involves counterterrorism and which would be embarrassing to a lot of people. I’ve been spending some time consulting on this with some rather in-the-know people, on a Federal level.

If anyone knows anything about me its that I don’t cave in to pressure. Ever. No compromise. Never. What is life if one sells out honesty and integrity and goodness and kindness and truth and respect for others, for individuals without whom there is no common good?

Meanwhile, I love being the country parish priest who brings Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament to people. But I would never compromise to keep that privilege either. :-)


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8 responses to “The blog slowing down doesn’t mean…

  1. pelerin

    This post materialised ok but the last one ‘One up-man-ship’ says ‘Page not found.’ Perhaps it was cancelled before publication?

  2. Nan

    I’ll pray for you.

  3. sanfelipe007

    @pelerin Father sometimes writes a post meant only for a specific reader. Once that reader has “seen” it, he takes it down – or perhaps, it is taken down for him.

  4. Mildred

    Dear Fr. Byers, I sure hope the explanation on “posts” that disappear” as in the above Response is correct. This has happened twice now. I am concerned for you and your safety. Be protected always , as you know you are , but this weakling is concerned anyway. AMDG Mildred

  5. elizdelphi

    Maybe they just psychologically calculated this was the way to coerce a man like you.

  6. Joisy Goil

    None the less I’m calling out the ‘big guns’, been saying rosaries for you Father. I’ve done 8 of the promised 10 but I’m not stopping at 10, I’m gonna’ keep going. After all we both have friends in high places. I’m going to try to behave so my guardian angel can give yours a hand.

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