Most Holy Trinity & Revelation


That’s a trike at a friend’s house much like a trike I had in the early 1960s as a tiny little kid. I had trained up for such an entirely too-tall trike on a much smaller trike, you know, when I was a much tinier much littler kid. I appreciated the stability of a third wheel.

You have heard that it was said that the Most Holy Trinity was reduced to the Father and the Holy Spirit when the Word became Flesh and dwelt amonst us, so that the Word Incarnate was not divine, but merely a human being whilst He walked this earth, until He was crucified. How very absurd. How very blasphemous. When you kick out a wheel from a trinity a crash ensues. All is then nihilistic.

It’s the same with Revelation, which is constituted by Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture, always together, and then stabilized on our behalf by that which is not Revelation, but which carries the guarantee of infallibility from Christ Himself, that is, the infallible Magisterium. Kick out one wheel of the trinity and they all fall. People immediately say that their theology (which is NOT faith, by the way) rules over Scripture, so that while they say “Scripture alone”, what they mean is that they can rewrite Scripture to their own relativistic whims and desires. In throwing away supernatural (not brain-invented) faith, people also throw out Sacred Tradition, which is wrought univocally in us by the Holy Spirit, not by our bullying handing on of whatever it is we think we otherwise perceive. It all falls. We need some guidance both on Sacred Scripture and the Faith Supernaturally provided, that is, by the infallible Magisterium which is provided to Peter and his successors as viable by Christ Jesus, the Word Incarnate Himself.

While Prometheanesque, Pelagianesque, self-referential, self-absorbed individuals in the Church rampage with their ambiguity and heresies and cowardly arrogant violence, those individuals, it must be remembered, are simply representing themselves. The doctrine and morality of the Church have never changed. No pressure group of laity, no group of priests, no stampede of bishops or cardinals nor even the Pope himself can reverse revealed doctrine and morality. They are not God. And for that matter, God cannot change doctrine and morality; God cannot change the Truth. God is the Living Truth.

The trike of the Most Holy Trinity and the trike of Revelation in the Church just keep rolling, however much anyone thinks they can kick out this or that wheel. They only make for a crash and burn experience for themselves, not for God, not for the Church as such.


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3 responses to “Most Holy Trinity & Revelation

  1. Catherine

    Amen. Amen. Amen. Thank you Father George for setting the record. God bless you! May God’s love and peace surround you.

  2. Aussie Mum

    Great analogy! It’s striking how simple things, in this case a child’s tricycle, can be used to present something complex in a way easily grasped and remembered. Such clarity is especially important today when truth is being obscured.
    Although belief in the divinity of Our Lord and infallibility of the Magisterium is essential Catholic belief, those propelling the synod don’t seem to think so and to be as confused as Scalfari. It is interesting how this confusion became so widespread.
    About 1990 I did a “Religious Education” course. It was an eye-opener. Until then I didn’t know that religion teachers were being taught that in a modern democracy one cannot hold that one religion was founded by God. The argument was that such would contradict the egalitarian principles upon which democracy is based. In other words, to state that one religion was superior to another was unacceptable in a society of equals. That explained the “new breed” of Catholic school teachers and loss of faith I had then been encountering for almost 20 years. And since everyone had to be equal I wondered how long before an all-male priesthood would come under attack.

  3. Joisy Goil

    It never ceases to amaze me that some people can ‘explain’ God and the secrets of eternity, yet if you ask them a simple question like what is their state capitol, they are at a loss. I have lost all patience with this kind of individual, I just pray for them. (only because Jesus tells us to pray for our enemies – which they are by the way – because their nonsense is dangerous to our souls.)

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