Priest’s Sunday is not a rest day


Up at 3:00 AM. Over to church at 5:30 AM. Adoration and Confessions at 6:00 AM. Race from Cherokee County to Graham County 7:10 AM. Set up for Adoration with Confessions at 7:35 AM. Exposition with Rosary 8:00 AM. Mass 8:30 AM. Social after Mass and race back to the main church for Confessions at 10:30 AM and Mass at 11:00 AM. Social afterward. Talk, talk, talk. Then immediately bringing Holy Communion to the home-bound in the valley on on the mountain tops, and at the nursing homes of the various cities in the parish, getting home about 7:30 PM. The picture above was taken after 7:00 PM while leaving the last nursing home for the day.

Then it was simply a matter of feeding Shadow-dog and Laudie-dog, always a joy. Then I had a bite to eat, and after a brief look at phone stuff – unwinding a bit – and then Vespers of the Divine Office, it was off to bed.

The take-away of this screed of unrepeatable circumstances is that life goes on, and that it’s best to walk with Jesus at all times and in all circumstances. If there are those who have lost the plot elsewhere in the Church, well, that is their decision, and we pray for them so that they return to Christ Jesus. But I’m not going to grant to those others rights over my soul, over my peace. We can all of us ask Jesus for that peace.


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4 responses to “Priest’s Sunday is not a rest day

  1. nancyv

    The Lord has made know His salvation (Ps 98) and thank you for reminding us! (I hope you are provided with some nutrition at the socials. You are a powerhorse- donkey. Deo gratias!) Praying for the poor souls who allow the mechanizations of the devil to rule their heart in this synod.

  2. Aussie Mum

    You fit so much into your Sunday with and through and for Our Lord and for the sake of that part of His flock entrusted to you. Thank you Father and all the faithful priests who have kept the Church going for 2,000 years and will do so until the end of the world. The devil and his demons can rage, and Catholics (ordained and lay) who have lost the plot can scheme, but God will have the last word.

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