Church in Amazon gone

I can’t imagine any believing seminarian in the Amazon being able to survive this, not because he doesn’t have strength in Jesus but because these monstrous marxists are in charge. How very sad. I wonder which region is next to be destroyed.

I am the Pope’s good servant, but Christ’s first.


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6 responses to “Church in Amazon gone

  1. James Anderson

    The link to the paragraph by paragraph voting results is broken here and on the LifeSite News website.

  2. pelerin

    As a mother and grandmother one bit which worries me is ‘The time has come for women’s vocation to be fully fulfilled.’ I thought we were ‘fully fulfilled’ as parents. Does anyone think this might be leading to women’s ordination?

    • Aussie Mum

      Yes, I think so Pelerin. They don’t value motherhood nor see any difference between men and women. I read an article this morning about a little girl (6 or 7 years old) in Canada who was traumatised because her teacher, in a lesson on gender identity, told the class that girls weren’t real.

  3. Aussie Mum

    In 2014, Matt C Abbott wrote an article titled “From Catholic Church to Agnostic Church”. It tells of the thoughts of an Argentinian priest born in Buenos Aires, Father Julio Meinvielle (1905-1973). His ponderings seem prescient. Some of what he wrote follows:
    “The same pope could preside both churches that would appear to be one in appearance. The pope, with his ambiguous attitudes, would validate the confusion. Because on one hand – being the leader of the Church of promises (led by priests and bishops faithful to Jesus Christ) – He may profess an impeccable doctrine, while on the other hand, by sending confusing, even reproachable signals, he would appear to be advancing the subversion and pastoral message of the ‘public’ Church (led by apostate priests and bishops).”
    “In rejecting the necessity of working for the implantation of a Christian social order, the Progressives find themselves obliged to accept the lay city, Liberal, Socialist, Communist.”

  4. elizdelphi

    In historical perspective there will likely be no way to deny the “Francis effect” of accelerated Church decline–or that where Francis was most resisted the Faith thrives more.

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