More Thanksgiving, Less Judging: One Cop’s Story


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5 responses to “More Thanksgiving, Less Judging: One Cop’s Story

  1. meshugunah

    Very much a “bless those who curse you” reaction from the police officer – prayers going up for him and for the “curser”. My grandfather was a police officer waaaaaay back when. The only time he discharged his service weapon off of the target range was when, as a newbie, he heard suspicious noises is a lumber yard late one night on foot patrol. He called out “Halt! Show yourselves!” and the noises continued, so he shot into the air…The noises turned out to be a flock of pigeons! Had a good laugh then and there and again back at the station, as well as every time he told the story….His point was that armed force is seldom necessary and always a LAST resort, even against pigeons.

    • Father George David Byers

      Today…. Any shot fired within city limits by anyone is answerable in court. No warning shots allowed. These have killed people far from the scene. Different in those times!

  2. Joisy Goil

    When I was a little girl my grandfather told me to never judge anyone by their skin color or last name or nationality because those thing were given to them by God. He said, “judge them by the color of their heart.” I asked, ‘how can I see the color of their heart, that’s inside them.’ And he said, “you can see the color of their heart by the way they treat you and other people.” I never forgot that. Obviously our police officer (above) understands that principle too.

    Not looking for a pity party, but I too had plenty of tough times and never got any ‘freebies’. Maybe we all ought to join together in prayer and beseech God to make us color blind to these things. If we could only remember that everyone is God’s son or daughter, maybe we could focus on the important things that need to be addressed.

    Pray the rosary! Blessed Mother help us.

    • Aussie Mum

      The wise words of a good man, passed on to you and you to us, thank you Joisy Goil. I have never heard the truth in those words expressed so well and yet so simply.

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