Seattle entitlement list: ammo and guns?!

I see that Seattle’s CHAZ-CHOP or as I like to call it CHEZ – pronounced “CHEESE” – (Capital Hill Entitlement Zone) wants to be self sufficient in their new independent nation defined by entitlement that is dependent on the very ones they are pulling guns upon. Some of their “demands” in their safe space that is protected, mind you, by “military grade ausault weapons systems”, are the following:

As they continue gun down young people at will with the blessing and encouragement of Seattle’s mayor – who should be up for war crimes – I’m sure the demands will be along the lines of more guns, better guns (“the good kind”), more military assault type guns, more ammo of all kinds, more knives, more chains, more baseball bats, more machetes, more bomb making equipment, all of which, you know, is to be “the good kind”.

Ah, the entitled. They’re all the same. Bullies even in their own “safe spaces” of murder and arson and looting and total hell. Yep.


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2 responses to “Seattle entitlement list: ammo and guns?!

  1. Joisy Goil

    I thought they were an “Independent” nation!

    • Aussie Mum

      The CHAZ / CHOP foot-soldiers and hangers-on are behaving like spoilt 15 year-olds who demand adult rights but don’t expect adult responsibilities to come with that. Those who have weaponised them as foot-soldiers in “the cause” are counting on it for there will be no place for them at executive level if the revolution succeeds. They are being used and don’t know it yet.

      By not reaching them with the truths of the Catholic faith and not educating them in the rights and duties of a citizen when they were children, society has left these now adult-children without the tools they need to recognise their new heroes as the Marxist wolves they are. So what to do now? For starters, the adults in the room should behave as such and stop bowing down to the demands of these out of control adult-children and stop kneeling before them; otherwise, they will continue to run riot over lawful authority and destroy everything. It’s time for some tough love.

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