CDW Vatikan Politburo criminalizes TLM Mass times in church bulletins. What we do…

Pope Francis in conjunction with the Congregation for Divine Worship apparently just made it a criminal offense to advertise Mass times for the TLM in any parish bulletin. I say criminal because, of course, just about any priest (there are exceptions) just about anywhere (there are exceptions) who would do that would immediately be removed from all priestly duties, have his salary and insurance and living quarters ripped away from him, and be set on an involuntary path to be laicized as a liability to the church and the world. This kind of thing has happened hundreds, thousands of times over the decades, and for much less than advertising Mass times.

Well, here’s the deal: I haven’t had a parish bulletin since the beginning of 2020, since the beginning of Covid lockdowns, when our governor of the State of North Carolina decided that he was not only an executor, but also a dictator-legislator who could impose draconian penalties on churches for meeting in church during times of Covid even while with entirely cynical discrimination he was giving State Liquor Stores a pass. If I had a church bulletin they would bring that to court as proof to have me remanded to prison. After all, I had Holy Mass in church during their stupid lockdowns, and the doors were unlocked!

Well, those times have receded a bit, but we still can’t have a church bulletin, because – gasp! – what if I were to advertise TLM Mass times in the bulletin? The politburo at the CDW in the Holy See would come down hard and impose all manner of increasingly severe penalties. I mean, do they get kickbacks from George Soros for this kind of pettiness? It’s truly what you would expect from some communist mayor of whatever small town in Nicaragua. I know, because I was there in the mid-1980s. So, so petty.

People have been asking about Christmas Mass times. I honestly don’t know what to say. If I speak about Mass times am I breaking the “spirit” of the law, going against the “vision” of Pope Francis? Am I to have my throat slit as a priest by the powers that be. Soooo…. soooo petty.

We simply don’t have a parish bulletin. :-)


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7 responses to “CDW Vatikan Politburo criminalizes TLM Mass times in church bulletins. What we do…

  1. Paul Maliborski

    There’s a priest I know who stands before his flock on Sunday after mass who anounces to the flock, ” I’m no longer able to tell you, that, we have Latin Mass next Sunday at 11:00 AM “.

  2. Paul Maliborski

    Can a pope be excommunicated?
    The spxx four were excommunicated in the midst of the controversy over Latin Mass ,then 2015 , three were reinstalled and the decision was to be valid for the remainder of that year. Nothing was ever published again and the three priest are in limbo in the Vatican eyes.
    There’s a difference between a violation of man’s law vs a violation of God’s law, of which both or either can get a priest, archbishop, bishop excommunicated.
    When Pope Francis gave Biden permission to receive Holy Communion , was that not a violation of, Thou shall not kill?
    After all, Biden is Not prolife.
    Biden, like Luther then offers a coin to Pope Francis. Put a coin in the coffer, oops I mean coffin and it will get you to Heaven.
    Pope Francis and Roche continue to create desensesion within the church by affirming there own attempts and furthering socialism.
    We love our Latin Mass . Pope.
    It’s time to put the hammer down.
    Love Paul

  3. James Anderson

    We need to pray that God relieves us of this internal persecution. We need a strong holy shepard to lead us in the fight against the external persecution.

  4. Dianna

    I spent so much of my young life with my Grandmother. My Dad drank a lot, my Mom worked very hard to support us. I rembember going to Mass with Nanny Gram and telling her “I don’t know what he’s saying, I don’t understand.” She told me that “We don’t always hear with our ears, but our hearts. If you sit quietly, you will feel God and He will be with you and you will hear in your soul.” Well, pretty profound for a six year old child, but she was right…the TLM was and is so reverend. No loud guitars, no folk music, just reverence. Perhaps Francis wants to destroy all reverence and have it be meaningless chatter. He is an angry old man, hell bent on destroying tradition and joy. His day will come…there is no TLM where I live and I sorely miss hearing with my heart. I pray you and other priests continue to give the TLM. God Bless…

  5. Liz

    God bless you and your parish, Father!!! Prayers for you all. May Our Lady and good St. Joseph and all of your guardian angels protect you and your parish. I worry (I guess I should say I am concerned. God’s will be done.) that my son (who will be a transitional deacon in 15 months or so, if God continues to call him) will not get to be ordained and what about the deacons that are all ready to become priests and all of the others? (I heard from a mutual friend about one priest who has nothing to do…barely just ordained, mind you, because he wouldn’t take the jab and this next one is so horrifying, I cannot imagine it (except that I have seen priests go through it…still horrifying) that a young man was kicked out of his seminary and stripped of his diaconate that he already had because he refused the vaccine.) God have mercy on us!

  6. Madgalene

    My parish also has not resumed a bulletin. There is some online information but no paper trail. We cannot tell you that there is a “vetus ordo” happening at 11am….

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