“Vaccine” frauds in Church and State. Will they say “Those were different times?” Suicide watch.

That video is just the soundtrack. No imagery. It will give you the chills and bring the following home:

When the tide turns as many die and endure intolerable injuries from Covid side-effects (there’s been a 40% rise in deaths that are not from Covid but which are consistent with side-effects of vaccines), will those who rationalized the purposed-murder of babies to get those “vaccines” protest that they were good to go at the time, because those were different times, and that’s just what people did? But murdering babies is always evil. And it’s not what everyone did. I didn’t. It’s not rocket science. Murder of babies is… wait for it… murder of babies. And supporting the profits of Big Pharma just to do it is, like, worthy of hell. Pope Francis still speaks of getting immunity from “vaccines.” Immunity? That’s simply insane scientifically speaking.

I don’t wish it on anyone, but I’m thinking there’s going to be plenty of suicide, particularly among bishops and priests who had a mania for promoting abortion-tainted “vaccines.” How can a bishop or priest do that? “Let’s murder babies! That’s true worship!” Too bad, that. Each will go to his own place, as did Judas.

I want people to go to Confession and go to heaven. Hail Mary…

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  1. sanfelipe007

    Quite poignant, Father. Instead of “go to hades!” we should be saying “go to Confession!” In fact, my mother said it to me on more occasions than I’d care to admit – and… I did. Now THAT is a mother!

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