Pfope Pfrancis and Pfope Pfizer

  • “But Father George! Father George! All world leaders meet with all sorts of people, good and bad! Even Jesus did, those tax collectors and sinners! You just don’t know how diplomacy and accompaniment work, Father George! You don’t have the style of the Holy Spirit!”

But here’s the deal: Pfope Pfrancis is so entirely in agreement with Big Pfarma Pfizer that he seems to be a highly paid-off spokesman for them. Wait… What?

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One response to “Pfope Pfrancis and Pfope Pfizer

  1. sanfelipe007

    Very clever headline, Father. The “f” in each word reminds me of a car commercial, put out by a standard bearer of quality, that mocked certain trends in car style as childish:

    Scene: A young hipster with a smug expression of pride stands next to his “hip” car. The car’s rear window has the large red letters “Flame” on it.

    The advertiser’s spokesman speaks of the transient nature of the trends embraced by the foolish while a comely woman approaches the car owner, who notices that he has attracted her attention. She, walking past him, pulls the “F” from the car’s window – changing the word to “LAME” – and she slams it onto the chest of the hipster, then declares “you get an EF!”

    My headline: Father George gives Pfrancis* an “F!”

    * I’m guessing that the “hip” would pronounce this as “P” francis.

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