Parolin: “Stop Burke!” Everyone else: “Cardinal Burke is unstoppable.”

Read the whole story over at ChurchMilitant.

My comment: I wrote to my superiors in the Holy See recently about the conditions of why I’m un-jabbed and whether because of that circumstance I would be refused entry into Vatican City for the upcoming meeting of the Missionaries of Mercy. The reply made it extremely clear that my entry would be nigh impossible and probably impossible and that I should use extreme prudence in deciding whether I should even try to attempt to make an attempt to go. Whatever. I’ll wait until next time, if there is such.

Kicking Cardinal Burke in the teeth was a bit more severe. After all, he’s a prince of the Church. I’m hardly a serf. By the time he showed up the other day at the entrance to the Congregation for Saints Italy had already dropped its most draconian restrictions, but the Vatican insisted on singling him out for especially terrible treatment. Meanwhile, un-jabbed and having had covid, he’s got the best anti-bodies in the world, a zillion times better than the jabbed. The jabbed get covid more easily and spread covid more easily. This isn’t about covid. This is about raw power cut off from justice for the sake of raw power. Non-compliance must be punished. Yep. “Stop being pro-life, Cardinal Burke! Stop keeping the commandments! Stop loving the Lord God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength!

I’m so happy I am not on a plane right now to go the Missionaries of Mercy meeting taking place this Divine Mercy Weekend. I would have been turned away, not by Italy, but by the Vatican. There’s no justice nor mercy for the unborn or the born who protect the unborn.

Cardinal Burke was on his way to the Congregation for Saints. That’s interesting. If that involves the cause of someone for beatification or sainthood you gotta know that that person just became a super-patron-saint of the good Cardinal. I love that. :-)


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8 responses to “Parolin: “Stop Burke!” Everyone else: “Cardinal Burke is unstoppable.”

  1. Joisy Goil

    This news makes me want to express myself like “Fr. Stu’ did before his conversion.

    I am praying for my enemies – I’ll admit not with any particular joy, but only out of obedience to Jesus, but I never thought the Pope (Vatican) would fit that description.

    Prayers for all pro-life priests and people.

  2. sanfelipe007

    I’m with Joisy Goil.

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    Make that two with Joisy Goil. I am not tempted to use pre-conversion Father Stu vocabulary. Perhaps I could substitute a good swift kick in the shins?

  4. sanfelipe007

    Ow! my shins! Gina! Father, Gina kicked me!

    Heh hee, I used to get my older sister in trouble – for no reason- by pulling the same stunt, as a child. Oh, my mother caught on eventually, but also couldn’t help but play along with me, which annoyed my sister even more. My mom was the coolest person.

    Some day i well tell you guys the story of how my mother and I cunningly cheated at cards at a family get-together.

  5. This action of the Vatican makes me angry and sad – how very, very low the Vatican is sinking! “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do” – as a certain Person said about the people who were crucifying Him.

  6. Mary Ann

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, correction, I meant Vatican State!

  7. Aussie Mum

    Like Father Alexámenos in Jackass for the Hour, Cardinal Burke is “for unity in Charity and Truth” and that is why he is unacceptable to Pope Francis and Cardinal Parolin. His belief that our Eucharistic Lord is the heart of unity is not to their liking. As Cardinal Burke says: “The Cardinal today is called, in a special way, to assist the Successor of Saint Peter, in handing on, in an unbroken organic line, what Christ Himself has given us in the Church, His Eucharistic Sacrifice, ‘the font and highest expression of the whole Christian life.’ The right order of Sacred Worship in the Church is the condition of the possibility of the right order of her teaching and the right order of her conduct.” but such is not what Pope Francis and Cardinal Parolin seek.
    (Cardinal Burke’s quoted words are from a lecture he gave during the pontificate of Benedict XVI, 4th paragraph from the end, at link below.)

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