Screeching screaming extreme sport ripping the scales off the tail of the dragon makin’ them tires SING!

tail of the dragon 1

A follow-up meeting was, of course, necessary about the most welcome impromptu get-together of some of us priests during which we discussed how to go about setting up a ministry for exorcising priests and bishops. Priests who would find themselves discussing such a thing seriously always find themselves in the most out of the way places when they want to meet about such things. It’s appropriate that to get to such a place one must travel through my parish so as to slay the dragon, or at least rip the dang scales off of his dang tail. But finally, even I have to leave my parish. Duc in altum!  as is said.

tail of the dragon 2

Our plotting was not about taming the ancient dragon, merely putting collar on him with a chain. Oh no. We fully intend to slay the dragon. Firstly, however, ripping the dang scales off of his dang tail is most appropriate.

tail of the dragon 3

So, let’s make the tires sing around the curves. Only 318 curves. Easy! Just don’t go faster than you’re guardian angel can fly, and stay in your own lane so as not to kill anyone. It can all be a bit of a blur if you’re not careful. I should be more poverty minded. You have to replace tires when you make them sing around non-stop curves for 11 full miles. I couldn’t resist. Having good clean fun is good clean fun, you know.

tail of the dragon 6

Pictures are taken of you while you scream about the course. Most bikers have Go-Pros growing out of their helmets. I just drive with one hand so I can take pictures with my phone. This guy who would have been in his kiosk in this picture must have heard the screeching and screaming of my tires and dived for cover so as to take pictures another day.

tail of the dragon 4

Not to worry. All under control, as least with the driving bit. And there are, mind you, gorgeous vistas on the way for which you want to stop. Pictures just aren’t the same. You feel the expansiveness of the heavens and the earth. You priests will have to come for a visit. Take the tail the dragon. Here’s facing South:

tail of the dragon 5

And here’s to the East. The farthest tallest mountain is getting close to Asheville, N.C.:

tail of the dragon 9

And to the West (perhaps you can make out the Mountains to the far side of Knoxville, half-way to Nashville):

tail of the dragon 10

Eventually, you’ll see this, heading my way. Just be aware that there are plenty of guns in Western North Carolina. Don’t get near any signs. They’re there for target practice.

tail of the dragon 7

Anyway, as you might expect, priests who discuss such things as the exorcism of priests and bishops think with one mind, one heart, one soul, as if they have been the best of friends for their entire lives, for we have one common blood brother, Jesus Christ, with the Immaculate Conception being our Mother. We have all had such things in mind for years. We had the same ideas about frequent confession, spiritual direction, a personal approach. We agreed that it is such a joy to see priests be delivered from oppression. There was an urgency about our discussion for the need is great. We priests and bishops must be temples of the Holy Spirit with purity of heart and agility of soul. Otherwise, all is lost.

And if anyone thinks that this is insulting to priests and bishops, know that you yourselves are insulting Jesus, who was betrayed by his Apostle, Judas, who was himself possessed by Satan. If anyone thinks that it is scandalous to say that there might be a priest or bishop here or there who needs an exorcism, know that you are saying that Jesus is a fool. I wouldn’t do that. Jesus will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. Amen.

Also, and just to say, we spent much time speaking about our Blessed Mother, indeed about the apparitions of Tre Fontane. More on that latter. YIKES!

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