Father Gordon J MacRae on the move


Above is most of the campus of the New Hampshire State Prison for men. Note the light colored building on the lower-left just above the baseball field. Father Gordon has been housed on lower-left of the bottom floor of that building for the last 17 years, after having been moved out of many years in much worse conditions.

Below is a view of that building from a perspective 180 degrees around. B-Bravo pod is the one with two levels, where he’s been all this time. He’s now sceduled to move to the part of the building with four levels, which includes 4 pods each with two levels (but not all the way across the building on the central door side): C-Charlie, D-Delta, E-Echo, F-Foxtrot. Father Gordon is scheduled to be moved to C-Charlie pod to the right of the central door (the two bottom levels but nearest to that door).


He’s been in a place with a two man cell, but is now going to a place with 8 man cells, which was always considered punitive. It’s unheard of a long term prisoner who has never had a mark against him to be moved to punitive housing after so many years, especially one who, like Father Gordon, is extremely involved in the life of the whole prison for the better. The little black building at the center bottom is called Checkpoint Charlie after the gate between West Germany and Communist East Germany. Here’s the perspective in 1986 from the Communist side:


We’re hoping that Father Gordon will eventually be moved to what is called “South”, which, in the photo at the top, is the three level building to the bottom right. Please pray that things work out for him. Here’s a generic picture of what a FOUR man cell is like:


The prison cell where Father Gordon is going was made as a FOUR man cell, but each cell in the pod now houses EIGHT men in one cell. Instead of 48 in the pod there are 96. Go ahead, try to figure out how to make an eight man cell out of a four man cell by using the picture above.

Here’s the deal. Father Gordon rightly insists that he is innocent. This is considered a failure of the prison system, as they want him to say that he is guilty. If he does, they would put him in an offender program and, after six months, release him. He has always been able to do this at will over these past decades, but will not, as he is innocent.

Here’s the irony. It is the offender program which is taking over the two man cells where he now lives. They are forcing him into worse housing. Incredible. Please pray that he have the consolation of walking in the presence of Jesus. Hail Mary…

P.S. Don’t think that a lot more faithful priests won’t soon be sharing the same fate if Hillary wins this election. She is intent on forcing Catholics to pay directly into the abortion super-fund by way of a side-payment along with insurance premiums. The faithful priests won’t do it. And then… imagine 16 in the cell above. It will then become like prisons right around the world:


And those on the outside will still have no clue, no clue at all. Oblivious. Hail Mary…


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20 responses to “Father Gordon J MacRae on the move

  1. Father George,
    I said the two Hail Mary’s for Father Gordon at the promptings.
    I said a Hail Mary for you. I said it with my arms raised, palms outward and angled over you so as to call down The Lord’s blessing over you through Mary.
    I concluded by making the sign of the cross over you.
    Thank you, Father George.

  2. Charlene

    I’m very glad to see this news being given some coverage in the Catholic on-line world. I have spoken to Father MacRae in the last few days, and I know he wants me to convey to everyone that he is OK. He said this feels like a setback but it is not aimed at him personally this time. As Father George wrote, the “preferred housing” is being given over to those taking the State’s Sex Offender Program in the last year of their sentence. I think it is short-sighted that those who have decades left to serve, both the guilty and innocent alike, are expected to do it in the worst of circumstances. Only in America! Father Gordon was told a week ago that he would be going to someplace better, but instead he advocated for some of those left behind, including Pornchai Moontri, and that may have slowed down the works somewhat. Let’s all hope and pray this is short-lived and they will soon get to a place where they can live and breathe. Father Gordon had to turn over his Mass kit as it will be impossible for him to offer Mass where he is going tomorrow morning. So let’s keep these guys in our prayers. They are making the best of it and keeping everyone around them calm.

  3. Liz

    Thanks all for the updates. I have been wondering about Holy Mass. That seems the most painful part! The uncertainty is pretty awful, too. We have been praying and praying. God bless them.

  4. Father George David Byers

    As things change I’ll let you know…

  5. ClairefromMaine

    I am feeling sad. Such a beautiful priest treated so unjustly.

  6. Praying that he gets the Mass kit back. Time to storm Heaven some more.

  7. I have been wondering about Father Gordon. I pray Our Lord will be close to his heart during this time. I also pray that the lack of a Mass kit will be overcome. Our Lord knows well how Father Gordon holds Him in his heart even if he can’t hold Him in his hands.

  8. @ ClairefromMaine – I agree completely. What a miscarriage of justice.

  9. Definitely keeping Fr. G in my prayers.

  10. sanfelipe007

    The Lord draws Father Gordon closer. Fortitude. Oh, my Guardian Angel, fly to Father G and aid him.!

  11. I pray for you, Father, at Mass this morning! I will cry out to the Lord for you! Truly you are serving your Purgatory here on earth…may you be enfolded in the Arms of Divine Mercy!

  12. My heart broke when I read that Father G doesn’t have his Mass kit! Because of Meniere’s, I haven’t been able to go to daily Mass for over a year & it’s taking a terrible toll. When all you have is God, losing Mass can destroy you. Yes, there’s prayer. But all of us know the greatest graces come from Holy Mass! Must be even worse when this happens to a priest! Will ask everyone I know to pray even more for everything to be resolved to Father’s benefit.

  13. Charlene

    Father Gordon and Max moved this morning. They are together in a cell with six others, most of them quite depressed and hostile about having to be there. There is no furniture at all, just bunks. No place to sit but the floor, and it’s a bit like an urban homeless shelter. They are hoping to go to a better place soon. He very much appreciates your prayers and moral support in these tough times. More than anything, Father Gordon wonders why you are all over here at Arise Let Us Be Going reading these comments instead of visiting These Stone Walls!!! Love and blessings from Fr. Gordon and Max.

  14. Donna Kaup

    Charlene please tell Father Gordon we would NEVER throw him down for Father George. We will indeed check in at These Stone Walls.

  15. Prayers, Fasts, and the broken heart of an old Sinner, (Also a widow!) Offerred For you, Max, & your Brother Priests, Fr. G.!
    ( I added “widow” because I hoped to make the intercession stronger! 🙄) Mary’s sending in Her own Special Forces! The enemy is growing more frantic by the Hour! He’s incensed because everything he sends, You guys turn to Greater Grace! I’m trying to keep up my part, & our daughter is too!

    • Father George David Byers

      Hello oldkate! I was just speaking with Father G and he said to thank you very much for this comment, and to add that your insight into what is happening is indeed very true. God bless you, Kate.

      • Thank you Fr. D…The Heat has turned up for all of us. In the “up close & personal designer attacks” from the evil one. I’ve reverted to the “Pater” as I prayed it until the late 60’s, in the original version…Ends with–“deliver us from the evil ONE, now & @ the hour of death!” Amen…

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