[Update: Victory!] Vatican gender bender racist pedophile betrayal of Jesus for 30 silver pieces


Directly outside the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Damaso and the annexed highest tribunals of both justice and mercy in the Church rises the specter high above the tented food market of the dark and loathsome political heretic Giordano Bruno, whom the whole world wanted dead, with the Catholics obliging by handing him over to the state to be burned at the stake. He was.

Heading back to the buses on the other side of the Basilica the scaffolding covering the entirety of the massive building was impossible not to notice. It’s protective canvassing sports a number of building size advertisements which of course lower the cost of the work to a not-negligible degree.

Let’s take a look! This one is over the entrance for the Tribunals of the Church. Looking through the entrance across the courtyard and up you’re looking at the Sacred Penitentiary.

Nice, that. They take him for a ride. Let’s walk down a bit more…

I think those are Mass times over the main entrance of the Basilica of Saint Lawrence…

Yep. Mass times. But what was that last advertisement? Let’s take a look. Remember that this entire property is extra-territorial, meaning that it’s basically Vatican City State.

So, the Vatican is covering one of it’s most ancient and revered churches with United Colors of Benetton pro-gender-bender pro-child-abuse (scandal) advertisements. 40×80 feet perhaps. The guy is in a transparent if multilayered chiffon dress while the pre-pubescent[?] minor s/he child is being hugged tightly. His shirt reads: colors don’t have gender, meaning that black, brown, olive, whatever colored people have no gender specificity. What a vicious racist insult.

“But hey! We’re the Vatican. We’ve got a high IQ. We can spin this as a contractual problem, that we’re the victims here, although we are raking in those 30 pieces of silver.”

I have a scheduled and confirmed appointment with the Pontifical Family tomorrow, Thursday, 5 April. We’ll see what happens. I was warned about possibly encountering difficulties. Apparently, that might happen around the obelisk.

  • The question is: Do I care?
  • The answer is: No, I don’t care.

Speaking truth to power is supposed to be part of what a Missionary of Mercy does. I go to sign in and get my credentials as a Missionary of Mercy early Thursday at our Pontifical Council before heading up to the Pontifical Family, hopefully through the Apostolic Palace. It will be an interesting day.

To the KRYPTOS crowd: do you see the iqlusion yet? Are you still not paying attention to what KRYPTOS is made from?

I could make a joke about Giordano Bruno’s nickname, but I’ll refrain.

///// UPDATE: /////

That didn’t take long. Take a look:

Now, I admit I underestimated the defrayal of the cost of the renovation by way of the advertising. The truth is, the entire cost if financed in this way:

Eating the cost of that advertisement for as long as it was supposed to stay up (it looked new) would come out to really quite a lot. I bet I’ve made not just a few enemies in the Holy See. That’s OK. What can they do? Ask my Bishop to move me to a smaller parish? I’m already in the smallest parish in North America. And that’s where Pope Francis wants his Missionaries of Mercy to be. Besides that, I know how to play politics. I’m evil and bad. And I pray for a good outcome, always.

Do you see stuff you don’t like? Do something! You can do it! So far:

  • I’ve stopped the Holy See from making a nominal donation to UNICEF, one of the biggest pushers of Abortion in the world.
  • I’ve stopped the Holy See from putting on a light show over the Basilica favoring an anti-autistic-persons group.
  • I’ve had this advertisement taken down.


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15 responses to “[Update: Victory!] Vatican gender bender racist pedophile betrayal of Jesus for 30 silver pieces

  1. elizdelphi

    Praying to the Holy Spirit for your itinerary tomorrow.

  2. Monica Harris

    “not-neglible”….cui bono? really

  3. litteralis

    Once again, dear Father, you have left this poor soul in your intellectual dust. Those who know you better likely follow every word, but my poor, little third-grade Southern brain is constantly outclassed. A cross to bear, and to offer up.
    V. resp’y,

  4. nancyv

    Hip Hip HOORAY! It only takes one little stone from a little brave lad (David&Goliath).

  5. Monica Harris

    Wow. Well done, however it happened.
    What was “anti-autistic-persons” group? (…. or can you say?)

  6. elizdelphi

    That didn’t take long at all. United Colors of Benetton has an advertising strategy for many years of using inappropriate or offensive images as ads in order to create buzz and awareness of their brand. They accomplished what they intended to do by putting up that ad, and probably got their fee refunded too, so they got what they wanted for free. It should be obvious they cannot be trusted. It’s no fault of yours.

  7. Praise God!!! Good work….

  8. Father George David Byers

    A Cardinal helped me with the UNICEF fiasco.

    It seems I have a reader in the building in question here. I’ll leave it at that. ;-)

    If autism were to speak, what color would it be? I don’t want to get sued by them. Don’t ask me more. I had never heard of them at the time. They contacted me when I was in the hermitage. I mean, they really insisted with me. This was some years ago. We had quite the correspondence as I baited them out. It got into recipients of research funding. That’s a no go for a question. They have never been forthcoming beyond outcome artifacts. They’ve had campaigns to educate people as to the fact that monstrous and seemingly demonically possessed autism spectrum disorder people have no place in society. They use scare tactics to raise money. Horrible. I was also questioning the morality of research between conception and birth. That’s another no go for a question. Whatever with their enemies, I based my opinion and action on what they present and don’t. I did what I needed to do at the Vatican to stop any cooperation.

  9. elizdelphi

    And what do you mean about an anti-autistic-persons group? What group is that? What was their light show about? It wasn’t that silly environmental light show was it?

  10. sanfelipe007

    Good job Father! Not unlike pointing and saying, “The Emperor has no clothes.”

  11. elizdelphi

    I think I can see what you are talking about with the autism organization and others seem to have similar critiques. I am glad to be aware of this. And, I am really glad you figured out what the situation was with that group and intervened with the Vatican.

    I saw an autism awareness statement the other day by Cardinal Turkson https://zenit.org/articles/cardinal-turksons-message-for-world-autism-awareness-day/ I was glad they comment on this subject and for instance the need of including people, but there is a lack of attention to the vocations of persons with autism spectrum disorders or their call to holiness.

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