Abortion Tax, Commerce Clause: Jesus in the womb…

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The Dems want to get rid of the Hyde Amendment; the Dems want to force all Americans, despite moral and religious beliefs, to buy the services of Planned Parenthood across the United States even if they don’t want to do that. Isn’t that a violation of the commerce clause?

Pretty much 100% of Democrats want to rip children to death in the womb up to birth and rip children to death during birth and rip children to death after birth discussing how many years old the “tissue” has to be before it’s called a human being with rights.

To vote for Dems is to vote for Satan. Dems voted any mention of God out. They can’t tolerate the God of Life: “god-damn God” they shriek. I’ve always been told by the pro-aborts all around that they worship a different god. Yep. That would be right. It’s not about “women’s rights.” It’s about arrogant demonic power.

But the True God was in the womb. He will be fierce with those who destroy life in the womb. The painting above depicts Mary moments after the miraculous conception of Jesus (in yellow) greeting Elizabeth (in red, now six months with John the Baptist).


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5 responses to “Abortion Tax, Commerce Clause: Jesus in the womb…

  1. “But!…but!…a newborn with severe abnormalities, it’s not a person in any meaningful sense! Even if you disagree, its personhood is a *philosophical* question, or worse, it’s a *religious* one. How dare you force your religion on us?”

  2. Father George David Byers

    By the way, Michael is being sarcastic….

  3. Aussie Mum

    Do some women demand a more prominent role in the Church because they have rejected their natural role as mothers due to abortions they freely chose? Just wondering. I have known women who were unable to bear children for one reason or another but were nonetheless maternal and cared for others; and some who were pushed into abortions, suffered terrible regret and remained maternal; and yet others who aborted for the sake of convenience or to be in control and subsequently lost whatever maternal/caring instincts they might have had, developing into full-blown narcissists envious of others.

  4. Joisy Goil

    Kinda makes me wish some of these Pro-aborts could be aborted. I know this is impossible, but just imagine if they could be subjected to that torture and then somehow be allowed to live – so they would know what they’re talking about – you know, be experts on the subject – I wonder if they would be so enamored with this ‘woman’s right’?
    I guess I just have an overactive imagination.

  5. Once you barter away an inalienable right to life, you also surrender the rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Imagine the uproar there would be if the government supported McDonalds (or Philip Morris) the same way they support Planned Parenthood.

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