Francis, globalist first, pope second

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Recently, during an airplane presser, Pope Francis revealed what he desires for the total and blind obedience of the Church, of everyone, to the United Nations. Total. Yep. This text is prepared by the Holy See and is published on their own website[My comments below]

QUESTION: Jean Luc Mootoosamy (Radio One, Mauritius) – “The Prime Minister of Mauritius thanked you for your concern regarding the suffering of our fellow citizens who have been forced to abandon their own Archipelago by the United Kingdom after the illicit separation of this part of our territory before independence. Today on the island of Diego Garcia, there is an American military base. Holy Father, the Chagossians who have been in forced exile for fifty years want to return to their land. The United States and the United Kingdom will not allow this to happen, notwithstanding a United Nations resolution from last May. How can you support the Chagossians’ will and help the people of Chagos to go home?”

ANSWER: POPE FRANCISI would like to repeat what the Doctrine of the Church says about this: [What he says now is total bullshit. What he says is not at all the doctrine of the Church. What a blatant lie. Just. Wow.] When we acknowledge international organisations and we recognise their capacity to give judgment, on a global scale – for example the international tribunal in The Hague, or the United Nations. If we consider ourselves humanity, when they make statements, our duty is to obey. It is true that not all things that appear just for the whole of humanity will also be so for our pockets, but we must obey international institutions. That is why the United Nations were created. That’s why international courts were created. [It’s better that one man die than that a whole nation perish, right? No, that’s not right.]  Then there is also another phenomenon which, however, I say it clearly, I do know whether it is relevant here. When the liberation of a people comes about (a people obtains independence) and the occupying State has to leave – many independence processes have taken place in Africa – from France, from Great Britain, from Belgium, from Italy – all of them had to leave, some [of the countries] have matured well – but there is always the temptation to leave with something in in the pocket: Yes, I give freedom to this people but I take some crumbs with me… I give freedom to the country but from the ground up, what’s underneath remains mine. This is an example, I do not know if it is true, but I want to say: there is always the temptation… I believe that international organizations need to propose a process of accompaniment, recognizing the predominant potentials, what they were able to accomplish in the country, recognizing the good will to go away and helping them to leave totally, in freedom, with a brotherly spirit. It is a slow cultural process for humanity and these international institutions help us a lot, always, and we need to go forward strengthening the international institutions: the United Nations, that they might take in hand once again their role; that the European Union might become stronger, not in the sense of domination, but in the sense of justice, of fraternity, of unity for all. [To use the vocabulary of Freemasonry.] I believe this to be one of the important things. And there is another thing that I would like to take the opportunity to say after his intervention. Today geographical colonialization does not exist – at least not many…. But there are ideological colonializations that want to enter into the popular culture and change those cultures and homogenize humanity. It is the image of globalization like a sphere, all of the points being equidistant from the centre. Instead, true globalization is not a sphere, it is a polyhedron where each people preserves their own identity but it united to all of humanity. [That’s the spirit of syncretism demonstrated by lifting up, say, Pachamama.] Instead, ideological colonization seeks to cancel the identity of others to make them equal and they come at you with ideological proposals that are contrary to the nature of that people, the history of that people, against the values of that people. [But that is exactly how you are smashing down the Catholic Church, Pope Francis…] And we must respect the identity of peoples, this is a premise to defend always. The identity of the people’s needs to be respected and thus all types of colonialization will be cast out. [So, Holy Father, please respect my belief that Jesus is God, that He is sinless, that He is our Redeemer and Savior, the Divine Son of the Immaculate Conception, that He is the One, the only One.]

Before giving the word to EFE – which is a privilege, it is “old”, it is 80 years old – I would like to say something more that struck me about the visit. What struck me about your country is the capacity for religious unity, for interreligious dialogue. Differences between the religions are not to be cancelled out, that we are all brothers is to be underlined, that everyone needs to speak. This is a sign of the maturity of your country. Speaking yesterday with the prime ministry, I remained surprised at how they, you, have worked at this reality and live it as necessary in order to live together. There is an intercultural commission that gathers together… The first thing that I found yesterday when I went into the bishop’s resident – this is anecdote – was a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Who sent them? The Grant Imam. We are brothers, human brotherhood is the foundation and respects all beliefs. Respect for other religions is important. [Islam is not a religion as it does not render what is due in justice to God, our obedience by way of Jesus’ perfect obedience on the Cross.]  This is why I tell missionaries not to proselytize. Proselytizing is valid for the world of politics, of sport – I root for my team, for yours – not for a faith. [Islam proselytizes by the sword.]  [… see the rest there…]

////////// And yes, Pope Francis, I’m your Missionary of Mercy. You had said you don’t want “Yes men”. I’m just obeying you. I always pray for you and get the parish to pray for you.


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11 responses to “Francis, globalist first, pope second

  1. pelerin

    It makes me so sad when I hear Pope Francis say that missionaries are not to proselytise. Did not Our Lord tell the disciples to go and teach all nations? Does he think that those who have not yet heard the Gospel are not worthy of hearing it?

  2. Terry

    Father, what is going on??? And I mean in a big picture sense. Is this the beginning of the end (and I’m not exaggerating). Between Pope Francis’ mind-blowing, off-the-cuff remarks, the Amazon Synod with its married priests and deaconesses, the upcoming German Church schism, the failure to reign in the likes of Fr. James Martin and New Ways Ministry, the Theodore McCarrick, et al scandals, I get the feeling something is up and it ain’t good! I’ve heard Catholic historians say the current state of the Church is not the worst it’s been, but I’m not sure. I’d love to get your thoughts.

    • Father George David Byers

      The exceptions prove the rule.
      Original sin.
      Betrayal by Judas.
      Suicide of Judas.
      Denial by Peter, x3.
      “They all ran away.”
      Anyone who dies unrepentant.

      The more we see this the more Confession for us becomes evident. We must have purity of heart and agility of soul.

      • Terry

        I am feeling the pull to go back to Confession. I haven’t been in probably 10 years. Where do I start in order to prepare and reacquaint myself with this Sacrament?

  3. Catherine

    Not long after his election, Pope Francis said that he kept from his mother that he switched his university course and was studying for the priesthood but his mother found out. I’m sorry but I was shocked! I see this as extreme disrespect of his mother and to brag about it to the media is so insensitive and tacky. Honour thy Mother and thy Father. If you can treat your parent(s) like that then the likeihood of him respecting people in general may be questionable. For me, from that point on, the dye was set.

    This writing is just another confirmation of our Pope’s betrayal. It seems like God has allowed the Pope to reveal himself and his agenda? Hmm… Interesting.

    I declare that Jesus Is In Control! We must keep praying for the Pope and the Church. Good comments Father George. God bless you!

  4. Aussie Mum

    Pope Francis strikes me as a narcissist. Narcissists deny their faults by projecting them onto others. He calls us Pelagians, yet he is the one who doesn’t value Baptism, wishing to leave indigenous Amazonians in their native state and teaching that all religions are equal. He labels us “ideological Christians”, yet he is the one supporting communist ideology inherent in Liberation Theology. And he accuses us of “calumny, defamation and discrediting others”, yet we pray for him and are only standing up for the truth; he, on the other hand, regularly says very nasty and untrue things about faithful Catholics.
    Narcissists suffer grandiose delusions and I wonder, given his bizarre behaviour, if Pope Francis hopes to bring about a one-world-religion (not Catholicism accepted universally but a “religion” devoid of Jesus Christ) in the interests of one-world-government.

  5. James Anderson

    A million might be exaggerating a little, but easily 999,999!

  6. Aussie Mum

    The letter to the USCCB from Archbishop Christophe Pierre, the Apostolic Nuncio to the US, November 11th 2019, is now online at
    On pages 4-6 the nuncio calls on American bishops to prove their communion with Rome by implementing “the Magisterium of Pope Francis”, including Amoris Laetitia; speaks of “evangelization in a changed situation, fulfilling the Holy Father’s dream for a “missionary option” in the Church”; and ends on what seems to me an ominous note: “I am confident that the Church in the United States will discover the right path for its spiritual renewal so that it can continue to be the Church that Christ calls it to be. Thank you.”
    Until this pontificate, I only ever heard of the Church’s Magisterium? Father, what is the difference between the Church’s Magisterium and the Pope’s Magisterium?

  7. elizdelphi

    I wasn’t trying to say anything wrong. I wasn’t actually disagreeing with you. I’m confused what it means that my comments are in moderation.

  8. Aussie Mum

    Good news – the Australian High Court announced this morning (Wednesday here in Australia) that Cardinal Pell has been granted leave to appeal. Unfortunately no date has been given yet and it probably won’t go ahead until some time next year. Meanwhile, Cardinal Pell, 78, remains in solitary confinement 23 hours a day and is not allowed to say Mass. Please pray for him.

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