Pachamama and Psalm 115

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Psalms, chapter 115

1Not to us, LORD, not to us

but to your name give glory

because of your mercy and faithfulness.a

Why should the nations say,

“Where is their God?”*

Our God is in heaven

and does whatever he wills.

Their idols are silver and gold,

the work of human hands.

They have mouths but do not speak,

eyes but do not see.

They have ears but do not hear,

noses but do not smell.

They have hands but do not feel,

feet but do not walk;

they produce no sound from their throats.

Their makers will be like them,

and anyone who trusts in them.

*The house of Israel trusts in the LORD,

who is their help and shield.

The house of Aaron trusts in the LORD,

who is their help and shield.

Those who fear the LORD trust in the LORD,

who is their help and shield.

The LORD remembers us and will bless us,

will bless the house of Israel,

will bless the house of Aaron,

Will bless those who fear the LORD,

small and great alike.

May the LORD increase your number,

yours and your descendants.

May you be blessed by the LORD,

maker of heaven and earth.

*The heavens belong to the LORD,

but he has given the earth to the children of Adam.

*The dead do not praise the LORD,

not all those go down into silence.

It is we who bless the LORD,

both now and forever.


* [Psalm 115] A response to the enemy taunt, “Where is your God?” This hymn to the glory of Israel’s God (Ps 115:1–3) ridicules the lifeless idols of the nations (Ps 115:4–8), expresses in a litany the trust of the various classes of the people in God (Ps 115:9–11), invokes God’s blessing on them as they invoke the divine name (Ps 115:12–15), and concludes as it began with praise of God. Ps 135:15–18 similarly mocks the Gentile gods and has a similar litany and hymn (Ps 135:19–21).


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3 responses to “Pachamama and Psalm 115

  1. Catherine

    According to a news reports, it seems that nine days before the Amazon Synod, a statue of the canaanite god associated with child sacrifice, Malech, was set up and put on display to the entrance of the Roman Coliseum, in the City of Rome. I heard also that there is a Malech statue also set up in sight of the White House, Washington DC a while ago.
    Father George, it is good thing that you help keep us focused on the goodness of Jesus.. I’m trying to find a painting I saw a while ago but I don’t know the artist. It is a picture of the Holy Family. Jesus is in Mary’s arms as they ride a donkey and faithful Saint Joseph is walking beside them. As the Holy Family passed through a city in Egypt, all of the idols they passed, crashed to the ground and were destroyed. Apparently, it is folklore but I love that story. I like to think that as we carry our love of the Holy Family in our hearts, that the idols will continue to be overturned and destroyed.

  2. Aussie Mum

    Reading the psalm above reminded me that the Israelites used the title “Lord” in place of God’s Holy Name, YHWH, because they held that Name in such reverence that they didn’t use It unnecessarily (CCC 209). Catholics used to do much the same thing when I was young, employing the title “Our Lord” when speaking of God Incarnate instead of using His Holy Name, Jesus. We did speak His Name but mostly in the intimacy of prayer, and when we did we bowed our heads at Its mention. Those old signs of Catholic reverence have almost disappeared now, at least here in Australia, a process which began around the time the abortion industry was beginning to take off.
    It used to strike me as strange that the Israelites, so reverent regarding God’s Holy Name could fall into idolatry and sacrifice their children to Moloch but we are following much the same course. In less than 50 years, abortion has become a huge protected industry presently swallowing-up 40 to 50 million children per year globally (WHO’s statistics). And Catholics are involved, some directly by procuring abortions and the rest of us indirectly via voting and taxation. Then last month, with the pagan goddess Pachamama installed in the Vatican and the hideous Canaanite god Moloch in the Roman Colosseum, the modern parallel with ancient Israel’s fall came into even sharper focus. What was once thought impossible has happened: paganism has entered into the heart of the Church.

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