Father Blount’s prophesy: BLACKOUT x3. Holy Mass maliciously taken away from the faithful.

Father James Blount, a pastor of a parish down in Georgia just to the South of my WNC parish, was frequently the topic of conversations I had with one of my own parishioners, a good friend, an airline pilot, JQ, who recently passed away, who was also a friend of Father Blount.

JQ recounted to me a number of times the story Father Blount had mentioned to him about the thrice declared “BLACKOUT”. I remember that Father Blount had put up a video of this a while back. As he says in this present video, he had taken that down because it had scared some people and, truth be told, he couldn’t make much sense of it himself. But now there’s more, as he explains in this video above.

First of all, as he explains, we have to understand Padre Pio’s statement about Holy Mass:

  • “It would be easier for the world to survive without the sun than to do without the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.”

With that, Father Blount eventually learns something about the threefold BLACKOUT vision that he saw:

  • The first BLACKOUT of the Holy Sacrifice is the churches being locked down during Covid more by the supposed pastors of the Church than by any politicians.
  • The second BLACKOUT of the Holy Sacrifice will come about also in an analogously nefarious manner. I say that this could this come about because of destruction of churches for the sake of the “great reset.”
  • The third BLACKOUT of the Holy Sacrifice will come about, Father Blount surmises, when even electronic transmission of the Mass will be blocked, leaving people quite bereft. However, I think this will also be accompanied by quite a bit of violence toward priests who continue to offer Holy Mass.

I have to say that in my opinion this is precisely the trajectory of the Satanists of the great reset.

He speaks of this as at least an analogy with the three days of darkness.

My own take on this:

Look, I never met dear Father Blount. I’m sure I don’t agree with everything he says on every topic. Even canonized saints were wrong on various things. They weren’t canonized for their academics but rather for their holiness. I like what he says here. Is he right? I dunno. I think it’s consonant with lots of things that are happening, with a lot of things that the saints have said about our times in the last hundreds of years.

I recall the prophesy of Daniel 12, cited by Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew 23, and reiterated many times in the Apocalypse chapters, say, 12 to 18. There is to be 3½ years of the greatest persecution such as has never been seen since the foundation of the world and shall never be so again, that is, when we see the Daily Sacrifice come to an end and when we see the Abomination of Desolation being caused to be set up in the Holy of Holies where it must not be. The worst persecution is when there is a general apostasy and so many pastors of the Church lead the Lord’s Little Flock straight to hell, no doctrine, no morals, no instruction of the spiritual life, no reverent liturgy. That, of course, will usher in a bloody persecution, as people will push to see some witness about our Lord that is not being given in these days.

As I see it, the clock started on October 27, 2019, when Pope Francis established the most horrific demon idol on the altar of Jesus’ Sacrifice in Saint Peter’s Basilica and thus signaled to the world his hatred for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It’s the same day that the China virus was let out in Wuhan at the end of the Military Games. The 3½ years will come to a close Easter Sunday, 2023, exactly 3½ years, or a time, times and half a time, that is, 42 months, that is, 1,260 days (after Jesus shortens the time for the sake of the elect from 1,290 days) (now less than a year away). Daniel proclaims the blessedness of those who survive and endure an additional 45 days, which would bring us, then, to the feast of Saint John the Baptist, 2023, a year from now.


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9 responses to “Father Blount’s prophesy: BLACKOUT x3. Holy Mass maliciously taken away from the faithful.

  1. Edith

    Hello Father, I’ve been following your blog with interest (from Australia) but on the three and a half years I imagine that the interpretation is that the clock will count down from when the Daily Sacrifice of the Mass comes to an end worldwide AND is replaced by something that will be fake (likewise worldwide, not just in Rome). I don’t think that’s happened yet… I may be wrong of course.

    • Father George David Byers

      One thing for certain is that it will happen, and we need to be spiritually ready. Australia got hit with lockdowns so hard.

      • edithwhi

        That’s true, but thankfully there were a handful of Priests who DID NOT COMPLY (at great risk of being heavily fined, as well as those who attended the ‘illegal Masses’) so the sun didn’t completely go out in Australia.

  2. Claire Dion

    HI Fr. Byers, Glad to hear you speak about Fr. Blount. I have seen him on u tube but was not sure if he was legit or not.

    • Joan Haselman

      Father Blount is one of the most legitimate priests, I have seen him in person three times, and have traveled great distances to see him. He is REAL, he is HOLY, and filled with HUMILITY. I just wish I could see him in person again. Please include him in your prayers.

  3. Aussie Mum

    “I have to say that in my opinion this is precisely the trajectory of the Satanists of the great reset.”
    I tend to agree, Father, and am still pondering your 30 October ’21 post, “Analysis: Time, times, half a time, 1,260 [no longer 1,290] + 45: Daniel cited by Jesus then Apocalypse”.
    As for the prophesied three days of darkness, it may well be referring to evil as it takes over all public space, running amok in the streets intoxicated by its seeming triumph – something like the Terror during the French Revolution only worse – because the Church appears totally gone even though it is not. Some faithful priests will still be alive to celebrate the Mass in secret and the Blessed Sacrament will be adored in hidden places until Our Lord returns because the gates of hell cannot prevail against what is His.

  4. Aussie Mum

    To Edithwhi re “… thankfully there were a handful of Priests who DID NOT COMPLY … so the sun didn’t completely go out in Australia.”
    Yes, indeed! Some parishes are blessed with faithful, courageous priests. I have no idea the numbers Australia-wide but unless we are from the same diocese there must be more than a handful as I know at least five such priests.

  5. Sharon

    Blessed by this and also reminded of Our Lady’s admonition to Fr. Gobbi of the Marian Movement of Priests, in the Blue Book: Mother speaks about a time when the prayer cenacles are pretty much all the faithful will have and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass denied to us. I don’t recall the Message number. If anyone knows the number of this message, i’d be grateful if you’d post it.sh

  6. Jura Ashley

    I’ve been heartfully following this prophesy. I’m not afraid for me but I’m afraid for those I love and those who will not pay attention. I feel next year during Advent will be different like we’ve never seen before. I love all our priests and what they do. I pray our churches will prepare us and help us be more vigilant. I pray for all but can’t believe the overall under attention. Our government alone should be an alert! My goals are small but my request to those I meet is to get that HOLY WATER and at least pray3x daily for a start! Our daughter just returned from Israel and noted the call for Muslim prayer was audible 5x in Nazareth. The Angelus should be done the same. God Bless !

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