Great! Fr James Altman vs Bishops, Michael Voris vs CRS, Church Militant’s Saint Michael installed at parish

(1) Father James Altman has a great homily. If you think I go on the attack, listen to him. Great!

(2) I would add another point brought up by Michael Voris the other day which I haven’t had time to research more about. I was listening on the fly, while racing through the mountains to bring Communion to the home-bound throughout the mountains of Western North Carolina. If anyone can provide links to the petition I would be most grateful. That was about I think, encouraging the Department of Justice to investigate the Bishops of these United States in their complicity in breaking Federal law regarding the Hyde Amendment by giving huge amounts of moneys collected in parishes to Catholic Relief Services, which also receives government money, with the CRS giving tons of money to abortion services say, in Africa. As far as I know, THAT would be felony.

Bishops should be careful about forcing parishes to collect for (non-)Catholic (non-)Relief (non-)Services. And I ask the bishops: Cui bono? Pro bono ecclesiae? I don’t think the murder of those created in the image and likeness of God is for the good of the Church, the Body of Christ.

On that last point about “forcing”, I don’t do a collection for CRS, which is cleverly put in a “combined” collection for five recipients. The other four are innocuous. I take a collection for those four, then bypass the diocese and send 25% to the other four instead of sending the lump sum to the diocese so that 20% goes to all five, including death mongering CRS.

(3) A very kind gentleman – we’ll call him Sir! Mr Tiny! Sir!” – purchased a Saint Michael Statue for Holy Redeemer Church from Church Militant, you know the one. This one is, of course, smaller. I’m happy to have grace the sanctury:



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11 responses to “Great! Fr James Altman vs Bishops, Michael Voris vs CRS, Church Militant’s Saint Michael installed at parish

  1. Aussie Mum

    To speak the truth in charity is necessary and just anger is … well, just. However, I don’t like seeing bishops denigrated – to correct is good but to stir up hatred is another thing altogether. Father Altman is not doing this (he isn’t stirring up hatred) but there are lay people / organisations / blogs out there that do. We are living at a time when the “ruler of this world” is successfully fomenting hatred and division everywhere so that we increasingly see neighbour turned against neighbour and Catholic against Catholic, including bishops against laity and laity against bishops. For years I have been called a “Novus Ordo Catholic”, that term hurled at me as abuse by fellow-Catholics on-line who had decided that anything other than the Latin Mass was schismatic. I would very much have liked to attend the Latin Mass again when it became available but rarely did because of the nasty arrogance of those there who tore down “other” Catholics before and after Mass. Charity and the sense of a common Catholic identity are greatly wanting today.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Great sermon. Such a young priest, with many, God willing, years of service ahead. Thank you for the video, Father.

  3. I get a lot of requests for money. Many times the request is worded that each dollar given turns into 5,10,or 20 dollars. I get that from CRS, UNICEF, Salesian Missions etc. Often my contribution is matched by someone like USAID, and often there are “strings attached.” My way of cutting those strings is to give money to very specific projects within those organizations. That way, I know what my money is used for. I fear that if I give “where money is most need” I won’t like their priorities.

  4. Very like the “sermons” I heard as a child. Shot from the hip so to speak. Great, honest, loving,direct with just the right infusion of righteous wrath. God bless this man.

  5. pelerin

    Thank you for that link Father. That was quite some sermon and the Priest looked so young. I had no idea Fatima was also closed. The Domaine in Lourdes has recently opened – well sort of in a very limited way. Only local people are allowed in and in very small numbers and all must wear face masks. There are no processions. I again watched the Sunday Mass from Paris which had a congregation all in masks and I noticed this time that one of the priests made an announcement to the effect that Holy Communion MUST be received on the hand. Churches in France are now open but here in Britain we are still waiting. Incidentally it has been announced that Notre-Dame will be open again on the 16th April 2024 if all goes to plan. The piazza in front of the Cathedral was opened up yesterday and an official said that it is now safe as long as you don’t go down on your knees and lick the paving stones! It had been polluted with lead following the fire a year ago.

  6. Jackie

    Great & True Sermon. God Bless and keep Fr. James Altman safe.

  7. Robert Head

    loved the two videos ive seen and fr are a wonderful speaker and will recommend it to many of my fb friends.God bless you for your passion

  8. joanne1950

    I was thinking that the denial of Mass early on into the virus only Made it more precious
    In its absence. I have a friend who still sits at home on Sunday and views Mass on line in fear and it’s the middle of September. I pointed out to her if she can go to the Acme with a mask, she can go to Mass which has been open for months. But I pointed out to her that she is missing the Eucharist which is the whole point of the Mass. We are not Protestants who rely solely on the Gospels.

  9. Im4truth4all

    There is nothing like the truth to bring out those who hate it. A quote for our time:
    “Whoever does not hate error, does not love the truth”.  – G.K. Chesterton

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