Dear NC Governor Cooper: the view from this church’s Confessional.


Oh my! Two people! And they’re not social distancing! But they are husband and wife, so they really don’t have to socially distance, do they? No.

We’ll continue with our normal Adoration, Confession, Mass schedule.

Moreover, this priest is chasing round about. Yesterday after going to a number of churches for a number of sacraments and Masses, I then visited another 14 people for Communion calls throughout two counties and two parishes. It would have been a lot more if I wasn’t forbidden to do sacramental calls to parishioners in a number of our nursing homes.

And if you think any future lockdown will keep me down, think again. If I were to be kept down, I think a lockdown for me would have to be in the county jail. But that’s no threat, as I could then proceed to evangelize from behind bars. There are precedents. I’m guessing that the other inmates would not be interested in harassing me, knowing that you’re the one who put me in. :-)

Just a question: How is it that there is discrimination against religion even while there is a promotion of riotous, murderous riots, with all their looting and arson and assault?


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5 responses to “Dear NC Governor Cooper: the view from this church’s Confessional.

  1. That is a great question, Father!!

  2. pelerin

    All shops have been allowed to open here today but not my church. They have announced that churches CAN open today for private prayer although they have made the rules so difficult I cannot see this happening. It is a dark time.

  3. Tom Schott

    Wishing (and praying) that all priests exercise the same fortitude. Their church families are crying out. So wonderful to be able to adore, worship, and receive yesterday with your’s.

  4. Joisy Goil

    Yes, in the height of the lock downs, abortion clinics were considered vital services and were to be kept open, also liquor stores. But churches? They were so dangerous they were shut down for months. And just now beginning to open on limited basis. I have to bite my tongue – or more correctly control my typing – this is so outrageous.

    Just a thought – if everyone was required to keep social distancing and folks were getting locked up for breaking that order, (so we know everyone obeyed) what will happen to Planned Parenthood in a few more months? I guess they will have to go out of business. (snarky, huh)

    Beautiful flowers, Father. Thanks for sharing them here.

  5. Aussie Mum

    It is very disturbing, Father, that as Covid-19 fades and the lockdown is eased you are still not allowed to bring Our Lord to elderly Catholics in nursing homes who are surely missing Him and are nearer death than the general population.
    “How is it that there is discrimination against religion even while there is a promotion of riotous, murderous riots, with all their looting and arson and assault?” That is, indeed, a good question. It seems that some in authority and in the media no longer appreciate law-abiding Christians but prefer the law-breaking actions of revolutionaries with an atheistic communist world-view.
    That abortions were considered essential during lock-down but the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Sacraments were not, as Joisy Goil points out, is yet a further indication of a growing fascination in the West with what is opposed to God and the good of man.
    As Pelerin says, “It is a dark time”.

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