Mask police ganging up on church service thrown out by great pastor

This is in Calgary, Canada. This is pastor is great. I’m guessing he and his little congregation are Messianic Jews. I don’t know. I’m guessing he’s got a Jewish background, that many in his family were burned alive in the ovens in his native Poland. He knows the signs of progression of persecution. Non-Jews will mention Hitler or the Nazis. Pretty much no one mentions the Gestapo these days. We’re too ignorant. He does mention the Gestapo and he’s not ignorant. Anyway, the point is that this is a church, and services are taking place. Call the Mounties! Sorry…

Just guessing, but it’s rather likely the police will come back in even greater numbers, not only with warrants to search the building for maskless parishioners to smash them to the ground – purposely waiting for another service so as to arrest them, including babies and grannies – but also with warrants to arrest the pastor for having been an obstacle to law enforcement or whatever resistance to persecution in Canada is called. I bet they throw the pastor in prison for terrorism because, you know, he holds that God is a higher authority than the state. It’s a demonic power thing of the state. Any challenge to atheistic smashdowns is terrorism.

I think he should research who it was who ordered the police to coordinate such a large group of officers to gang up on the church. Perhaps research will discover some conflicts of interest. That’s how any Kristallnacht begins, a bit of greed, a bit of complicity, of bit of adrenaline to aid one in keeping one’s job. And then the unthinkable happens, that is, unthinkable for those self-congratulators who won’t see it even when the ovens are burning hot. They will say that the pastor should have been more nicer! The sophisticates will just say they got what they deserved. Yep. That includes people around you.

  • “But Father George! Father George! Tell us what YOU would do!”

Well, as one Police Officer told me, he would never contravene anyone’s Constitutional rights. Never. But, he’s not around anymore. Sigh.

We don’t have a tabernacle in church right now as we accomplish renovations back to tradition, but if we are a point in Holy Mass after the Consecrations, the first thing I would do would be to consume the Blessed Sacrament so that there would be no desecration. As I was doing that I would tell everyone either to start filming the raid or call 911. (I know, I know. But it get’s the incident onto recorded, discoverable format, easily subpoenaed in court.)

The second thing I would do is tell the officers that they themselves will be personally liable in any civil, criminal and Constitutional cases, because – yes – that is how liability works when officers break the law. It doesn’t matter that they were “forced” to do so by any superiors.

Here’s the deal:

  • Advice from the CDC doesn’t forbid people not to wear a mask if they cannot do so for whatever medical reasons, such as asthma. Just because someone is not wearing a mask doesn’t mean that they are breaking the law. I’m not a minister of justice of the State and the State cannot force me to be a minister of justice of the State. I have no right to have people declare their medical difficulties in public. Ain’t gonna happen. And officers cannot force people to repeat their medical histories publicly. Hipaa laws, however mitigated, aren’t that mitigated. Any arrests made on presumption of medical history is, instead, the purposed disrupting of a religious service, a criminal act in North Carolina on the first offense. A second and especially a third offence is going to have you doing serious time, officer or not. And if you pick on one church, you had better smash down all the churches, as otherwise it will be a rather pointed hate-crime against a particular class of people, in the case of my church, Catholics.
  • If two dozen people crammed into two or three pews are not social distancing I’m not going to call them out and make them explain that they all live in the same house because they are so poor. Ain’t gonna happen. I’m not a minister of justice of the State and the State cannot force me to be a minister of justice of the State. And if LEOs arrest people based on mere appearances and not on any facts whatsoever, what they are doing instead is the purposed disrupting of a religious service.

The third thing I would do, haven’t talked over any such officers – and again, I can only imagine this happening here as a political smack down to keep me in line – the third thing would be to do exactly what the pastor in the top video did. Of course, around here, it would take exactly one second for me to smashed to floor cuffed behind my back. So be it. Take me, not the parishioners. Make an example out of me, not the parishioners. Is it me you want? Well, then, take me, but not my parishioners. I think Someone else gave that example already.


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3 responses to “Mask police ganging up on church service thrown out by great pastor

  1. James Anderson

    Praying for you.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Horrible! Prayers said. His trials are just beginning.

  3. stephen round

    Disturbing-I know history.Some of my relatives went to war to stop this sort of event.Was that in vain?Similar things going on in a town close to me Canadian here.I only pray this sort of thing can stop by peaceful means.Its far to regular an occurrence to ignore.That said I have missed community worship for a long time.Catholic and the Bishop- well dispensation.I do not fear covid but I fear loss of freedom of choice and civil liberty much more.Kolbe and Bonhoeffer need to be looked at now.Martyrs.I think thats what will be required.Young policemen just following ordersThat flimsy line did not play well at the Nuremberg trial.The pastor did well they slinked out like reptiles but they will be back.Swat team next.Thumbs stuck in shirt to raid a church.Wow.Is that what these LEOs signed on for.Just a disgusting scene.The Pastor is right numbers.Thanks for posting.No vaccine no mask here.No masking in church for me.Not in church but at present I face imminent eviction.If a hundred in every church refused well in my hometown not enough jail space.Then they go for the leaders.So the strategy takes planning.I have given up looking for strength in the church hierarchy.More interest in scientific fascism and medical tyranny.Government lackeys.Sad that.The purpose of the wordage here is to endorse the pastor and all like him.My diocese we are not seeing it.

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