Pope Francis: Samaritans are rapists and murderers

So, Pope Francis is sick and tired of Jesus’ Church. Pope Francis interprets everything through violence, looting, assault, rape, arson, murder, all the dark mayhem of dialectical materialism, saying that those things collectively, those who do them – BLM, AntiFa – are like the Good Samaritan in that parable of Jesus. But the descendants of the Samaritans in Samaria, you know, in Nablus, in Shechem, are insulted by his characterization of them. They don’t think such violence is good. But Pope Francis does. The answer to any lack of justice is not more lawless violent aggression.

It’s not evil that here in these USA we have a constitutional republic with the rule of that law which is to respect God-given rights of the individual. Sometimes that respect is not afforded by whatever fallen individual. That’s not the fault of God-given rights, nor of the law, but of those individuals who disrespect those rights. There are laws and penalties about abuse of power as well. What’s for sure is that demonic violence is not the answer. Right, Pope Francis? Guess he disagrees. Demonic violence is what he wants.

Let me give you an example of who Samaritans are in my own life, you know, during a deadly force incident in Samaria. I was there despite a curfew delivering gas-masks to the Missionaries of Charity orphanage in Nablus (Shechem) during the beginning of the Gulf War. A barrage of gunfire broke out close to me. I was a dead man for sure. Except that a Samaritan literally dragged me into his house, risking his life to do this, keeping me there until the danger was past.

If he were like the “Good Samaritan” described not by Jesus but by Pope Francis, that Samaritan would have shot a gun into the air, getting the attention of those controlling the curfew just around the corner, then closed his door, ensuring I would get shot.

Go ahead. Be brave. Only 35 seconds. Pope Francis’ heroes are seen in the video below, not Jesus, but thugs and buffoons…

You should apologize to the Samaritans, Pope Francis. Oh, I forgot, you’re also a thug and a buffoon. What’s your rallying cry, Pope Francis? Is it: “Assassinate Police!” ???

  • “But Father George! Father George! You don’t understand! You can’t criticize Pope Francis because he’s like the Pope and everything and stuff like that there! You’re an ol’ meanie, Father George!”

Sure. Like there’s no prophet nor any greatest of prophets nor any Son of the Living God Himself who ever criticized anyone ever. You be loco in the head if you think that. You’ve never ever read the Sacred Scriptures if you think that.

I mean if these woshippers of Pope Francis as god want to prove that they don’t criticize him, they really have to agree with everything he says, explicitly, and do what he does explicitly. Yes, let’s have more of the men of consensus who are so sycophantically politically correct with everything Pope Francis says and does go ahead and themselves bring Pachamama idols into their own cathedrals to be enthroned on the Altar of Jesus’ Sacrifice so as to be adored; let them go to Nablus and tell the Samaritans themselves that they are all rapists and murderers. No, really. Can’t do it? You worthless scum of the earth cowards.

It’s difficult to stop now… They should go ahead and have a Blue Mass (Mass for the Police) in their cathedrals, and then scream: “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” No, you won’t do that? How come? You worthless scum of the earth cowards. Go to Confession. Oh, I forgot. You forbade priests who would give a valid absolution from doing that because they are not vaxed… Sigh


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5 responses to “Pope Francis: Samaritans are rapists and murderers

  1. nancy v

    Now Father George, Father George! See here now! (I am scum of the earth) Maybe Pope Francis was bringing the Gospel present time – like, instead of a Samaritan helping the robbed victim, it was an antifa thug who stopped to help – someone you’d never think. Pope Francis may not have seen the violence that has been associated with this abhorrent movement. Who knows what his handlers offer him to see.
    What I do know is, recalling your thriller of a book, I am preparing myself for anything, and I thank you for that.
    God bless our LEOs. I know you hold them all near and dear to your heart. I do too.
    We had an incident here in Wake Forest the other day that proves, PROVES, what you see ain’t always the whole story. I am glad the town cleared the air and stood up for our police.
    So, bottom line “I desire Mercy, not sacrifice”. I love you Father George and don’t like seeing you all worked up over something we have no control over.
    Pray, hope and don’t worry.
    p.s. We missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. elizdelphi

    “Good Samaritans” in my neighborhood graffitted EVERYTHING and indiscriminately smashed dozens of storefronts (more than once) and looted wantonly (and repeatedly), destroyed 2 popularly well loved and inoffensive bronze statues, attempted arson throwing a molotov cocktail into a municipal building that had workers in it, and burned a police car out and burned dumpsters etc. Not all George Floyd protesters did those things by any means, but it wasn’t one or two bad apples either, and the main part of the movement didn’t really condemn it. So I felt like Pope Francis was pretty tone deaf since there was so much destruction associated with the George Floyd movement. I hate what happened to George Floyd and it’s worth speaking up about. But it was also really horrifying what was done in his name that included such a lot of criminality and up to and including domestic terrorism.

  3. sanfelipe007

    Let’s let the fruit testify for the tree.

  4. Amen Father. Let those who have eyes see. Francis came to destroy the Church. Whoever his “advisors” are, he is a mole, an infiltrate into the sacred. Always pray for discernment. Thank you Fr. George

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