Judas betraying Jesus with a kiss doesn’t mean I have to slobber all over Him as well.

From a reader about priests and popes who are jabbed and what we are to think and do about that:

  • “Conundrum: How do those who do not wish to receive the vaccine for ‘religious’ reasons explain to their non Catholic (and Catholic) friends when Pope Francis, the Pope Emeritus, their Bishops and their parish priests have all received the vaccine?”

Jesus was really disgusted that Judas betrayed the Son of Man with a kiss. Must we further the disgust of Jesus by also betraying him? People have free will, also priests and popes have free will. Just because they may choose to do something against Jesus in the least of the brethren doesn’t mean we are to take scandal and follow that bad and evil example.

Since when does someone else’s (objective) sin give me permission to sin as well? Leaning on that at the judgment will be a ticket to hell.

Priests and popes are not infallible in committing sin. No.


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3 responses to “Judas betraying Jesus with a kiss doesn’t mean I have to slobber all over Him as well.

  1. sanfelipe007

    If some one asked me about the Pope, I’d say, “The Pope has recourse to Confession. He just needs to repent, first.”

  2. Tom Schott

    I am continually amazed at the number of (adult) Catholics who can’t wrap their heads around the idea that the clergy (and Pope) are human, and not infallible in their personal medical judgments.

  3. Anne

    The Pope should have never gotten involved in making a conscientious decision for all Catholics to be governed by. He involved himself in politics, and made a decision followed by direction to the Faithful, out of pride. “Look at me. I can help save the world from Covid by telling Catholics to go ahead and get the jab. And whoever might have a conscience telling them that this is not okay with Jesus…. well, their conscience is just wrong. I am going to be the Savior along with other powerful leaders.” No guilt, no sorrow, no shame. Going straight “South.” Maybe at Judgement, the baby’s DNA that is now running through his veins, will appear with Jesus, and then there’ll be some ‘splainin’ to do!

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