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FIERY homily against Biden! Who is this priest anyway? Fr Nathan the Prophet

No, really, you gotta watch the whole thing. Follow into the crescendo. Just a few minutes. It’s like you can see the fiery Holy Spirit. YES!!!

This priest IS the prophet Nathan thundering against King David (Biden):


Who is this guy and where? I so want to reach out to him to thank him, bless him, encourage him.

Update: whenever I myself want a bit of encouragement, I’ll listen to this.

PS: As Father said, we want Joe to convert.

PS: I’m listening to this again… ;-)

PS: Full confession: I’m listening to this yet again! I love it! Thank you, Father.


The following was King David’s response. We pray that Joe Biden will follow.

[Psalm 51:1 For the leader. A psalm of David, 2 when Nathan the prophet came to him after his affair with Bathsheba.]

Have mercy on me, God, in your goodness; in your abundant compassion blot out my offense. Wash away all my guilt; from my sin cleanse me. For I know my offense; my sin is always before me. Against you alone have I sinned; I have done such evil in your sight That you are just in your sentence, blameless when you condemn.
True, I was born guilty, a sinner, even as my mother conceived me. Still, you insist on sincerity of heart; in my inmost being teach me wisdom. Cleanse me with hyssop, that I may be pure; wash me, make me whiter than snow. Let me hear sounds of joy and gladness; let the bones you have crushed rejoice. Turn away your face from my sins; blot out all my guilt. A clean heart create for me, God; renew in me a steadfast spirit. Do not drive me from your presence, nor take from me your holy spirit. Restore my joy in your salvation; sustain in me a willing spirit. I will teach the wicked your ways, that sinners may return to you….


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Abortifacient insurance forced on Catholic Priests and vowed Religious?

Bronze statue of “demon-god” Moloch, fired up to burn children, just like modern day abortions in these USA.

Biden wants to get rid of conscience protections and free exercise of religion exceptions to the Department of Health and Human Services abortifacient insurance mandate. Not only will groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor be obliged to provide coverage for contraception, abortifacient drugs, and sterilizations under their health care plans, but also celibate Catholic priests.

Imagine that. Say I don’t comply by forcing ecclesiastical superiors to remove me from their insurance provision which will very likely comply with the HHS mandate that was stripped of conscience protections. The response might perhaps be that I would then be judged to be a liability for them if I didn’t have insurance. They would encourage me to go get my own insurance if I could find one that wouldn’t sponsor immoral practices hahaha.

What are my options here?


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Re-discovering Fulton Sheen, the most brilliant critic of the Communist State

“Communism will never be conquered, it must be converted.”

There are useless arguments as to whether or not we have prayed enough so that the bishops in unison with Saint John Paul II consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Useless! Why?

Right now, we are to pray the Rosary and make Eucharistic Reparation so that our Bishops today, including and in unison with Pope Francis, can for the first time or second time, specifically consecrate Russian to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. That would be good, would it not?

  • “That’s not possible Father George! That’s a tall order you got there. Do you really think the Archbishop of Washington is going to do this while he is given our Eucharistic Jesus to the most anti-Catholic president in the history of these USA?”

Ah yes… despair and cynicism… Jesus said: “Nothing is impossible with God.”

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Biden’s *Domestic* War on Terror and Dem racist baiting of this blog

“Criminalizing oppositional ideology…” “Deprogramming…” NOT the America in which I grew up.

When “oppositional ideology” is Sacred Scripture, Natural Law, the Ten Commandments, we’re all dead. I’ve been in some 26 countries, some of them Marxist. I’ve seen this before. People tortured. Imprisoned. Killed. All because of simply not subscribing to atheistic dialectical materialism.

When those who have power prioritize destruction of conscience by way of the imposition of abortion, abortifacients, infanticide, euthanasia, the imprisonment of political prisoners, the outlawing of the free exercise of religion… then we’re all dead. People with no conscience are easily controlled. This is social engineering that looks upon you as a useful cog in the machine, until you’re not. Then you’re taken out.

But who is the “domestic terrorist”? Is it a believing Catholic. Yes, now that’s true.

  • C’mon man…. There’s gotta be something more to confirm that someone is a domestic terrorist.

Enter George W******* from Blacksburg, Virginia, who dropped a comment on the recent post of this blog that re-published President Trumps proclamation that 22 January is to be National Pro-Life Day. That comment promoted “***”, a social media platform which is extremely heavily criticized as being a pro-domestic-terrorist site. In other words, if I approve that comment, then I agree with domestic terrorism.

Well, George W******* knows full well that I have written at length against true racism and against any form of terrorism a multitude of times. George W******* is simply a Biden operative getting those who disagree civilly with Biden’s atheistic anti-Catholic policies to look like they are domestic terrorists. After all, if someone disagrees and belongs to that social media platform, that surely counts as a conviction of domestic terrorism, making that person identifiable as an ISIS operative who instead is simply upholding a Constitutional Republic that promotes God-given unalienable rights with the Rule of Law. And that makes me and about 300,000,000 million Americans targets of extrajudicial execution.

Ex-CIA Director and Islamicist John Brennan likened, say, Libertarians, to “religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, [and] nativists”. He’s the darling of the Dems. Worse than Libertarians are, of course, Republicans, or even worse, “Independent”, because, you know… why are they hiding?

  • When the government is entirely paranoid of its own population, that government is no longer for, of and by the people, by definition.
  • The very same people who promote “Defund the Police” insist on having a Police State when they are in power. A Police State is one in which enforcement of the governing party’s policies is the only policy of those enforcing enforcement.

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Dems Defund the Police = Police State when Dems have *power*

After the Dem staged siege of the Capital Building on 6 January 2021 (I’m referring the pre-planning and execution of plans of BLM Antifa to create havoc, using Trump tourist as lemming pawns), Joey Biden, the fake Catholic, is faking paranoia (I guess), and is saying that the 21,000 National Guard + 5,000 Military in D.C. are a personal threat to him, and that they therefore need to be personally investigated, all of them. Since they’ve all been extremely vetted going into the National Guard and going into the Military, this can only refer to finding out who is a Republican, who supports this nation as a Constitutional Republic with the Rule of Law, who has the integrity and honesty to uphold their oath to God. By the way, the Dems voted God out of the Dem party. Yep.

If Joey the fake Catholic is insulting and humiliating the National Guard and the entire Department of Defense, what do you think his intentions are with Law Enforcement, riding on the wave of BLM hatred of Police because they are Police, riding the wave of Antifa hatred of Police because they are Police.

Here’s the deal: Those who insist that all must Defund the Police when they are out of power are the very same ones who, when they are in power, will that second create a Police State. The same people, in one second. It’s all the same, except that individual police will be let go to be replaced with others who instead take an oath to politicians who will command that anyone holding up God-given unalienable rights will have to have their brains jackbooted into the pavement. Yep.

Paranoid cowards like Joey the fake Catholic instantaneously turn into bullies when they can. Coward and bully are flip sides of the same coin. Defund the Police and a Police State are flip sides of the same coin.

This is what happens in such a Communist State. In Russia, there are massive psych hospitals to do just this:

Good ol’ Katie, as angry as AOC. Let’s time travel back into the Obama-Biden Admin:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is jackboot.png

“Father George! You’ve lost the plot! You’re all political these days! We don’t recognize you anymore!”

Here’s how it is: If the jackbooted thugs close the churches and persecute religion, will we have Holy Mass, Confessions, Last Rites anymore?

All the unalienable God-given rights go together. Only a Marxist thug and buffoon is going to say that Catholics can’t complain about the persecution of Catholics because that’s political.

Did you know that the March for Life in Washington D.C. has been cancelled? Leadership won’t answer the question as to whether they were pressured from whatever direction.

Let’s review, people voted for the guy who said that the first thing he’s going to do is reopen litigation against the Little Sisters of the Poor to force them to close all of their medical institutions for the elderly and dying because they won’t pay for abortifacients. Wait… What? Yep. And the Dems laugh. Ever here Kamala laugh?

The Little Sisters will be jackbooted onto the street with all the elderly and dying. And your fellow parishioner who voted for Joey the fake Catholic will laugh at you like Kamala laughs. They will mock: “It’s a police state now, you stupid priest! You’re next!” Yep.

What they don’t understand is that in the midst of all this, no real Catholic is phased, afraid, nothing like that. Real Catholics are with Jesus, and encouraged by our Blessed Mother Mary, are protected by their angels, are on their way to heaven. Real Catholics go on like they’ve always done. No compromise. Hello street! Hello homelessness!

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Fr Kirby: fake Catholics spit in Jesus’ face voting for anti-Catholic Biden

Yep. All the self-congratulatory, clever, sophisticated, blue-haired, always rich, always elitist, upturned noses, social justice warriors who want to defend that they themselves have had a half dozen abortions, who have used abortifacients the rest of the time, who have promoted contraception with their friends, all of them are ones who voted for fake Catholic Joey, who have created hells of division in their parish churches, who have made their churches into Dem hell-holes.

The problem is, I couldn’t speak to my congregation in this way as I can’t think of even one person at church who would ever vote for Joey the fake-Catholic. Of course, I can complain about those who have done this, fake Catholics as they are, in places not far from where I am writing this. Well, they can congratulate themselves for now. Sure. But Christ our God will come again to judge the living and the dead and world by fire. They had better repent while they have the chance. It won’t be long until there will be no more Mass, no more Confessions. They have brought this upon themselves, upon all of us.

Oh, and just to say it:

I don’t care if it’s the Pope himself, if Joey the fake Catholic ever presented himself for Holy Communion in my Church, not only would he be refused (a spiritual favor to him), but, if he made a scene, you know, his usual “c’mon man, let’s fight out back or let’s do pushups, you dog faced pony soldier,” well then, I would have him escorted from Church and charged with the crime of interrupting a religious service. And if the Secret Service intervened so as to set up a cage-fight or push-up match, I would simply stop the distribution of Holy Communion and finish Holy Mass, ignoring the antics of the most pro-abortion, most pro-gay-marriage, most anti-free-exercise-of-religion, anti-Catholic president in USA history. This would never happen in my church:

The usual anti-Catholic ecclesiastics will surely be contacting the Chancery of the diocese, again, to complain that I’m being political. Whatever.

Here’s the deal. If I complain that someone is sending themselves to hell by presenting themselves for Holy Communion even while openly persecuting the Church it’s not because I’m an ol’ meanie, cruel. No. It’s because I want the likes of Joe Biden to repent and go to heaven, with the primary emphasis on repenting. That’s necessary. Those who don’t instruct Joey Biden or who stop that from happening, cancelling priests faithful to Christ our God and His Church, it is also they who are risking going straight to hell. I don’t want that either. I want as many in heaven as who will repent and thus be open to going to heaven.

The upshot? … Good for you, Father Kirby!


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I thought I was going to die – Capital Police Officer crushed. He’s great, but…

Very credible officer. And it is always the case that even a majority of any group in these USA are great people. Yes. And, yes, I’m still an ICPC law enforcement chaplain. Why wouldn’t I be? These are confusing times, in which we could move from “Defund the police!” to a Police State in the blink of an eye, which makes police chaplaincy all the more necessary, with the chaplain hopefully pushing for Natural Law, unalienable God-given rights, a Constitutional Republic with the Rule of Law consistent with the Constitution, with Natural Law, with unalienable God-given rights. There are duties which go with rights, right?

Having said that, demographically speaking, there are bad eggs who are able to work their way into, trick their way into, test their way right into any group, right through, say, any seminary vetting program, right through any sussing out of criminals by, say, FBI, CIA et alii induction courses.

Here’s the deal: I can’t get over the fact that there were some Capital Police who were joyfully ushering people onto the Capital campus. They had to know that someone was going to get shot, right? So, what’s the deal with all that?

This politically incorrect factoid was so incredibly obvious the second it happened that high level investigations were instantaneously begun. Great! Of course, investigations can be done just to say that you’ve done them and it’s all good. Investigations can be done by the very people who were in on it from the beginning. So…

… … … erase erase erase … … … GoDaddy, which assigns domains for WordPress, has jumped on the bandwagon of censorship, taking down entire sites without warning. So, I’m trying to walk the fine line of saying something without getting booted off the internet altogether. As it is, I’m seeing a big uptick in blog visits from Automattic, the WordPress platform provider. Are they enjoying the blog or checking out complaints that say I’m not politically correct?

If domain providers are into censorship, what’s next? Is some guy at the local utilities company going to attempt to cut you off the grid because he wants to censor free speech by shutting down your electricity that powers computers and charge phones? That’s not very effective, but this is where we are at methinks.


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I’m said to be vaccine ready 1b-Group2. Lemme tell you, it ain’t gonna happen.

This graphic came to me under authority of a local hospital administration of an interstate hospital system for whom I’m a volunteer and chaplain. The ID-badge has barcodes etc the same as the doctors and nurses. In an email to me, it was recognized that I if I am not be 1bGroup1 (not being 75+ in age), but I can nevertheless tag along with 1bGroup1 (as 1b-Group2), in that lists of people in 1bGroup1 may not coincidentally sum up in perfect groups of 10, the necessary number of vaccine units that are prepared at any one time.

However, as I’ve done in the past without consequence, I will simply not respond. They might attempt to bar me from the hospital, even for Sacramental Last Rites, but that didn’t end well for them last time they tried that. I simply called the Governor’s Office for a direct intervention of the Governor to permit the free exercise of religion in “end of life circumstances,” that which was permitted by the head of the response to Covid policy. They put me on to the Department of Justice, wanting me to bring an emergency case to the Supreme Court. Meantime, however quickly that goes, the person is just as likely to die. So, having called their bluff, on the line with the Department of Justice, the hospital thought better of it and sent a nurse running out to me in the parking lot – all joy and smiles – so as to escort me happily to the patient’s bed. :-)

I’ll call the bluff again. The vaccine is not required at this time. I just won’t respond.

But if the vaccine is required at any time – enforced with penalties of prison time – I will still refuse any transhumanism DNA-altering unknown-consequences vaccine. Ain’t gonna happen.

There are alternatives, the usual Vitamin D, Hydroxycloroquine, etc. They are inexpensive, widely available, tested, like, forever.

P.S. I notice in getting ready to publish this, that I have been re-allowed to use tags and categories, at least on this post. ;-) But I also note that the Parler app is reported not only to have been blocked by the usual filthy liberal tech companies, but that Amazon Cloud has revoked Parler from its servers. Yep.


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RNC Ave Maria


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Biggest lesson 6 January 2021: Thank God for persecution. It means Jesus loves us.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mangey-animal-vixen-fox.png
Jesus: “Go tell that vixen…”

Years ago, well into the Obamination Administration, I was speaking to a friend of some three or four decades over in Rome about what I was guessing was going to be a violent persecution of the Church in these United States. He immediately responded, almost cutting me off, to say:

  • “Thank God for that persecution. It means that Jesus still loves us. God loves us. Thank God.”

Indeed. A persecution is allowed by the permissive will of God to let His Living Truth shine out from us, witnessing to the honesty and the integrity provided by God’s love amidst all the weakness and darkness and effects of original sin, amidst all the horror of suffering the unjust aggression of others in this sorry world.

Giving witness in good times? As Jesus asks:

  • “What credit is that to you?”

But giving witness in a full-on persecution? Yep. That takes the Holy Spirit’s Gift of Fortitude. And that’s when the witness is much more likely to be received by the persecutor. Remember the Roman soldier who rammed his sword into the side, into the Heart of Jesus? Jesus gave witness to our Heavenly Father to the last, and then the Roman soldier said:

  • “Truly this was the Son of God.”

Thank God for persecution. It may very well mean a new beginning when it is over, a new multitude of believers who are in humble thanksgiving before Jesus, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Prince of the Most Profound Peace; it may very well mean that more souls get to heaven, having their souls grabbed by Jesus upon the occasion of the great witness having been provided by the martyrs, always all in His grace, the fiery love of the Holy Spirit.

The lesson?

Be strong in being the littlest of the children of God, no matter what.

Saint George is depicted as slaying the dragon (the Roman Empire possessed by Satan). But Saint George was killed off by the Roman Empire. That’s the point: Saint George persevered with a love and truth stronger than death, stronger than the Roman Empire, stronger than Satan. Saint George conquered, slaying the dragon in his being slain, all the while giving witness to that love and truth of God. And off to heaven he goes, the victor, bringing many souls with himself.

Do you want to know how to have a Constitutional Republic with the Rule of Law? This comes about by being the littlest of the children of God, because it’s that which makes one stalwart in the unalienable rights given… wait for it… stalwart in the unalienable rights given by God Himself. Yes.

The lesson?

It is a great grace to give witness to Jesus in His grace in the horrific circumstances. Let’s do so with enthusiasm.

Jesus is the One, the only One, who will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. Amen (and Amen!).


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Family Research Council vs anti-Family Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Like a lion! Hah!

The American Community Survey of the U.S. Census Bureau of the U.S. Department of Commerce is still closely following this blog. I guess the bit I levity in which I indulged with the last post yesterday about their new Federal enforcement agents bit a button or two. :-)

Census Bureau’s American Community Survey’s new Federal compliance agents

Meanwhile, that was quickly followed by another hit some stone-throws away, over at the great Family Research Council, also in D.C. just East of the White House. I mean, it’s the post that they go to straightaway that’s just so cool. I know it’s just a coincidence, but on the other hand, it was like a direct warning from them about the anti-family American Community Survey:

Here’s that post. It was written some years ago. I take it to heart now. Thanks, FRC!

I’m also tagging this with “Humor” as this made me laugh out loud. I’m having way too much fun as a priest. I know, I know. I’m sure I’ll pay for it soon enough with a knock on the door and cuffs being slapped on hands and feet. Whatever. It is what it is. I refuse to let go of a sense of humor even in dark, dark times.

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Census Bureau’s American Community Survey’s new Federal compliance agents

Legend has it that the new Federal compliance agents of the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey – after doing a preliminary drive-by to check out the logistics of the Catholic Rectory where an inhabitant is daring to be a non-respondent (yours truly) – have now gone into hiding in a CHAZ or CHAD safe space until this very day, bewildered, befuddled, baffled at the sheer number of purposed microaggressions on the attack in the front of this Catholic Rectory, even showcased in the front window.

Let’s count the microaggressions by which they are surely offended:

  • This Catholic rectory is happy to proclaim the virtue of patriotism, to uphold that this nation is a democracy for, by and of the people, who live in a Constitutional Republic. Note the American Flag.
  • This Catholic rectory is happy to proclaim that the Rule of Law is to be respected and honored, instead of caving to an unbridled fake democracy of tyrannical feelings of some over against others, over against natural law, over against reason, over against the Constitution. Note the Thin Blue Line Flag.
  • This Catholic rectory is happy to participate according to circumstance in the just defense of the innocent over against unjust horrific ISIS-esque aggression, taking care in whatever way those in need of mercy because of that unjust aggression. Note the Flag of the [Crusader] Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta, that is, in an early version of the flag still evident on ceremonial robes today, a flag entirely consonant with the American Flag and the Thin Blue Line Flag.
  • This Catholic rectory is happy to honor Jesus and Mary and Anthony of Padua with statuary that thugs and buffoons would want to destroy, because, I guess, there is such a depiction of peace with that artistry.
  • This Catholic rectory is happy to honor the angels and the birth of the Messiah, Jesus, King of kings, Lord of Lord’s, Prince of the Most Profound Peace, who is Himself the Light of the world, who is Himself the Temple – His own Body – who will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. Even Federal enforcement officers of the American Community Survey of the U.S. Census Bureau of the U.S. Department of Commerce will He judge. Yes, even they.

I think I saw somewhere that these guys, all kitted out and badged up, have like six months to recover in their safe-spaces from all such microaggressions before making one last attempt at having someone complete the survey. That will bring us to something like mid-Summer 2021. But I have to wonder if they will ever be brave enough to do a drive-by again, much less stop to knock on the door, what with so very many microaggressions just stubbornly staying right where they are.

Of course, they can throw a vindictive tantrum and fine me up to $5,000.00 and throw me into a Federal Penitentiary, roughing me up, breaking my will (um… not) for up to five years just because I’m a microaggressioning non-respondent… I guess the charge would be “passive resistance” for not filling out their 48 page interrogation…

Of course, they have to find me at home. That’s difficult, as I’m out with the sheep of Jesus’ little flock, as Jesus’ little flock can testify. But if they ever catch me, I’m sure the first words out of their mouths will be: “Ihre Papiere, bitte!” But they probably won’t be so polite as all that:

Deine Papiere, bitte!

The one thing I’ve learned in life is to just never give in, ever. You lose your soul in doing that. If our Lord has anything to say about it, my soul will stay with the Lord Jesus. See John 10:27-30:

  • “My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish. No one can take them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one can take them out of the Father’s hand. The Father and I are one.”

Oh, and if anyone feels insulted by the references to Nazi monstrousness above, note that what the American Community Survey is all about goes against “Judeo-Catholic conscience.” Once that starts, it’s over already, a done deal. And it has started.


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117th Congress opening prayer: “Amen and awoman” – 2021 outlook on free exercise of religion

“Emanuel Cleaver II is a United Methodist pastor and an American politician who is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Cleaver represents Missouri’s 5th congressional district, elected in 2005.” And, yes, he’s a Democrat. Yep. The same political party that voted God to be cast aside.

So, let’s see… “Emanuel”… Emanandawomanuel with himself being a self-envisioned god, cancelling out the One, True God?

Maybe he’s got an explanation, like poking fun at Nancy Pelosi. But there is no excuse, is there?

That anyone would have to ask about this is indicative of what’s coming in 2021.

It’s not going to be a good year for the free exercise of religion. No, it’s not.


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ACS Census Bureau creepy sex-survey deadline past. I’m so dead.

The unique identifier codes for yours truly were cut out of the graphic above as I wouldn’t want anyone too-good-willed responding on my behalf just so as to get me out of trouble. Don’t do that.

The upshot of this deadline threat – December 23, the day before Christmas Eve (received just a few days before that) – is that I missed out on the percentage of non-respondents who are graced with having no follow-up visits. I’m already scheduled for a visit from Federal enforcement officers (they have IDs and Badges, the works) and the only way to be “removed from our schedule for a visit” is to fill out the 48 page questionnaire making for a lifelong intimate autobiography, you know, at a time when all respondents have their autobiographies hacked by SolarWinds and others. How swampy is that? What a gift to – who? – Russia? China?

In calling this a “sex survey” in the title of this post, I am referring to the fact that like 5% of the survey is about sexual inversion, perversion, same-sex marriages or partners, or some sort of weird combination of those possibly with any numbers of trans-whatevers in all that filthy disgusting mix. I’m guessing that the Census Bureau’s rejoicing about Sodom and Gomorrah regards providing a sizeable percentage of $675,000,000,000.00 billion U.S. dollars of tax-payer monies to government programs promoting, protecting, encouraging, teaching all that is perverted, inverted, trans-whatever, and smashing down those who disagree with up to $5,000.00 in fines and up to five years in a Federal Penitentiary.

Note the syntax of the interrogator interviewer coming to one’s home to complete the survey in person. They will complete the survey – regardless of any answer or not of any respondent – by way of their own “imputation” (their wording) of the answer they ideologically provide. They don’t say they will “assist” but that they themselves will complete the survey. This is a long standing stated modus operandi. If you don’t do it, they will fill it out the way they want to and sign your name to it.

About the statement that such Federal agents “will come to your home”, there is a comment on a Federal Trade Commission’s article asking whether such Federal enforcement officers have the right to enter someone’s home and set up shop. That query was met with an official FTC answer that danced around the question without answering it. In other words, yes. Enforcement officers may decide to enter one’s home. The (in)famous protestation of “I do not consent” isn’t going to stop that. Setting up shop to complete the lengthy interrogation is effectively – to use a technical term – a “search”, as what they are looking for also has to do with numbers of rooms, everything there is to know about one’s bathroom, and so on. They are in one’s home for so long that they will, of course, disgustingly, want to use the bathroom. I don’t want contact with all their disgusting bodily fluids, especially considering that a sizable percentage of the interrogation is all about allocating billions of dollars in tax-payer government programs to shore up all that is same-sex marriage/partnering and all that is trans-whatever. Federal enforcement officers smashing down Constitutional rights so as to force cooperation against one’s conscience that is rightly formed by all that is Judeo-Catholic means that the enforcement officers are tender snowflake violent bullies, right? Just a question.

Still, I do not consent to any home invasion as this rectory has a dedicated chapel established with the permission of the Most Reverend Bishop, meaning that the Most Blessed Sacrament resides in a Tabernacle. That’s not a public chapel. I not going to risk desecration of the Blessed Sacrament with enforcement officers poking around anything and everything.

  • “Oh, Father George, you exaggerate. That’s not going to happen. You’re a conspiracy theorist!”

But here’s the deal. They have already proved their malice. After the normal national Census, the Census Bureau berated me as a liar because I’m a Catholic Priest living in a Catholic Rectory, insisting that I lied on the Census because I said that I live alone. They – three different agents from the Atlanta regional Census Bureau, insisted that because I’m a Catholic Priest living in a Catholic Rectory I must be keeping women and children here, with such an accusation giving them the go-ahead in their own minds to lie (with “imputation” as they call it) on the forms having my name on them. Their malice rises to the level of a religious hate crime as they threaten with up to $5,000.00 in fines and up to five years in prison so as to force me to agree with them. Such violent actions are purposed to instill terror against a particular group or sector of society (in this case all Catholic priests), fulling the entire definition of terrorism. My own health is such that I wouldn’t last days in Federal Penitentiary, much less five years. I’m so dead.

Here’s the deal: Since the American Community Survey, a subsidiary of the U.S. Census Bureau, asks the same questions about numbers of people living in whatever residence, and since I now know of their malice that rises to the level of a religious hate crime if not terrorism, and since I know that they themselves supply answers “by imputation” to fit their own agenda, I cannot be a respondent to the American Community Survey. To do so would be to agree with their malice against the Catholic Church already expressed after the Census. I am not going to give them a chance to butt-**** America, using me as their fresh meat to do so. Can they throw me as fresh meat into a Federal Penitentiary for five years for being a non-respondent? Sure. Might I die in prison from mistreatment? Sure, including being gay-raped repeatedly. Such a nightmare is joy for them. I’m referring to the percentage of the Survey given over to all that is homosexual and transgender. I will not comply. I’m not going to be part of the American Community Survey. I would rather be a non-respondent and then go to heaven for eternity than to go ahead and be a respondent only to gain, perhaps, a few more minutes on this earth and then go to hell.

Taxation without representation to the tune of $675,000,000,000.00 billion dollars? Yep. Another Constitutional case to bring forth besides their hate crimes beside their going against the free exercise of religion.

They don’t give a day and time for the “visit”, but I’m guessing it will be some time after January 6, 2021, you know, to take account for a slowdown in USPS hardcopy deliveries, you know, what with all the delays because of Christmas pileups and COVID. January 6 will be an interesting day in America, what with their hoped-for ratification of Electoral College votes, a day when the swamp, they think, will be given the green light to prosecute citizens in good standing and do up a Sodom and Gomorrah on the whole country.

The Director signs off, writing “Sincerely.” I don’t buy it. See Ezekiel 23.

  • “Father George, you’re exaggerating. You’re not so important as you think. You’re nothing, NOTHING!

Yes, well, I agree with that! LOL!

Here’s the deal: I know they haven’t thrown anyone in prison for a long time for being a non-respondent though they do hand out hefty fines. But this year there is a large percentage of people who are not responding, no doubt due to the emphasis on same-sex marriage and trans-whatever. A large amount of non-respondents statistically invalidates the entire effort. Therefore, they have to take up someone whose case might become known, whose prosecution will become known. My little blog is totally insignificant, ever so tiny, just like this smallest of all parishes in these USA. But I have a lot of friends who do have a voice. If I’m the example that is to be so mistreated, to the end for them that other non-respondents will fall into line, answering and losing more rights as they do so, then so be it. Again, I want to go to heaven, not hell. I would rather fall on my knees in all freedom before Christ Jesus than to be forced to my knees and be an ideological sex-slave of the Census Bureau.

The Census Bureau is, of course, relying on the SCOTUS to continue smacking down cases brought against the Census and the American Community Survey, as they have done many times in the past, but those cases were all based on privacy rights. My own case would be based on the unalienable God-given right to free exercise of religion. Thank you, Justice Amy Coney Barrett. :-)

Oh. I forgot. Black Lives Matter, which has allegedly been burning down Catholic Churches right around the world, now has representation on the proposed Judiciary Committee of the Kamala-Joe ticket, and she’s said that the SCOTUS must be expanded so as to political. Yep. No more Constitutional Republic. No more rule of law. Sorry Amy. You’re likely to be a political prisoner of the mucky swamp as well.

BTW: Wasn’t the latest spending bill allocating 10 million dollars to Pakistan to do up transgender studies? I bet that’s about analyzing LGBTQ+ issues issuing from the American Community Survey of the Census Bureau. Think about it. LGBTQ+ in Pakistan.

Having said all that, I will be happy to greet any Federal agents of the American Community Survey of the U.S. Census Bureau of the U.S. Department of Commerce with all their – oh so scary – IDs and Badges. But I won’t talk to them. If I recall, there is Someone else who did not respond to idiot questions. That would be Jesus before Pontius Pilate. Jesus is the Living Truth. Pilate wasn’t interested in any truth whatsoever.


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Homosexualists at Census Bureau’s ACS admit lying to get gay funding

What’s that? “The Census Bureau handles item[sic] of nonresponse by imputation, that is, by assigning values for the missing items.” Oh my! I wonder if that means that they will assign values that will upend demographics for a region to the end that a region will not get part of the $675,000,000,000.00 billion dollars in available government grants, but another one, say one headed by a Dem governor will get those funds, something which sways elections. Get it?

This admittedly purposed lying is also admitted elsewhere, with the Bureau stating plainly that so many truthful answers will nevertheless be changed that no hacker guy will ever be able to associate answers with any particular person. In other words, no matter what you respond or don’t, your answers will be changed, and of course those imputed answers will be in favor whatever political agendas promoted by the Census Bureau, having little to do with taxpayers’ will in the matter.

This is all an exercise in taxation without representation against the consciences of citizens, using citizens as instruments of social change against the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Specifically:

The Director of the U.S. Census Bureau, a certain Steven D. Dillingham has authored a newly revamped American Community Survey that promotes everything homosexualist and transgender. Since Stevie has promised to do up a bit of imputation for any non-response to questions on gay and trans lifestyles to get what he wants, and has promised to change any other answers anyway so as to protect respondents[Pfft], do you think that Stevie baby is going to change those answers to get the demographics he wants for the programs he wants? I bet a good chunk of tax-payer monies will go to homosexualist and transgender causes, like government paid sex changes, like free home enlargement for same-sex adoptions, like an attack on religion by way of funding hate groups.

Welcome to the American Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, which is not American, not a Union, not a Council (Soviet), not anything Social, and certainly not any kind of Republic, but rather a dictatorship. I’ve been in a lot of Marxist-Communist-Socialist countries, all of them oppressive of citizens, all of them dictatorships, with government workers kicking citizens in the face. Always.

But don’t think this is about anything homosexual or transgender. These power grabbers couldn’t care less. This is about destroying consciences, about making for ease of transition to making the population slaves (oh yes, regardless of color). The first to go to the camps are those who cling to conscience, to their very souls before God.

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More American Community Survey anti-American anti-Community manipulation

The U.S. Department of Commerce has been hacked by Russia by way of SolarWinds. That means that the subsidiary U.S. Census Bureau has been hacked by Russia by way of SolarWinds. That means that the subsidiary of the Census Bureau called the American Community Survey has been hacked by Russia by way of SolarWinds. That means that all ultrapersonal intimate details of one’s entire life forced out of American citizens in good standing by threat of up to a $5,000.00 fine and up to five years in prison is now held by Russian Intelligence Services. But the ACS already knew that, right? I mean, they have the best of the best of DARPA COMPASS working for them, right? It’s, like, impossible that they wouldn’t have known this since – what? – at least as early as March 2020. Wow. This is gangster land, isn’t it? Those are just some questions. But what do I know? Zippo.

As I continue to critique the ACS for use by priests, I’ll evaluate certain questions that make it all very impossible, even for seemingly mundane questions, such as:

Question 14.a. Does this person speak a language other than English at home?

Answer: Since most priests live alone it’s a stupid question. If a person lives alone they don’t speak any languages at home, right? It’s like asking whether a celibate priest has stopped beating his wife. Um…

Oh, but wait! I do speak at home. I speak to Shadow-dog and Laudie-dog saying, yes, in English:

  • Goooood daaawg!
  • To Laudie-dog: Good girl!
  • To Shadow-dog: Good boy!
  • To both dogs while entering the rectory: Come on in!
  • Or when I’m leaving the rectory: I gotta go! Let’s go!

As to the part of the question (14.b.) which asks what that other spoken language is, I mean, for a priest, what if I were to write down what Saint Paul speaks about in his letter to the Corinthians, about speaking in tongues?

The problem is that the interrogation only asks for what the one “other” language is. But I often pray in many languages, and out loud, you know, to the other Person who lives with me in a chapel: Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle. Let’s see, what are languages that I know well or that I’ve at least studied or stared at until I could see a bit better what was happening? In general categories, let’s see:

English, German (mostly hoch Deutsch), Italian (mostly Roman street Italian, like damose da fa or nam a magna…), French, Spanish, Hebrew (modern, biblical, ultra-ancient), Greek (Biblical and the smattering of the ultra-weirdness of modern Greek), and, I mean, I dunno, similar things like Portuguese or whatever. Surely quite a bit of Latin (ecclesial and some archaic usages), and just bits and pieces of Chinese, ancient Egyptian, Coptic. Quite a bit of Syriac, Aramaic. Bits and pieces of Akkadian, Sumerian. I did study a grammar of Miskito, which is a language spoken by that native tribe on the eastern edges of Honduras, Nicaragua and right down to the border of Venezuela. I put the Hail Mary in that language to music that I played on the guitar way, way back in the day. That grammar was put together by a great Capuchin bishop from Wisconsin.

So, I mean, how do I even begin to answer? No matter what I write down as to whether or not I speak any language at all at home and what any language is the ACS will be able to say that I’m lying. So, why bother?

Anyway, all my little circumstances don’t matter one bit.

What does matter is that millions of peoples’ sworn autobiographies which they thought were totally private are now owned by Russia.

Oh, and I forgot, I did start staring at a Russian grammar as well. It’s a bad sign when you forget how many languages you’ve stared at in your life and can’t quite get a hold of how many of those you speak at home.

What we do know is that those at the U.S. Census Bureau and the American Community Survey speak Russian really, really well. ;-)


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Not enough talk, longer processions!

You have heard that it was said, “Less talk, more processions!” Well, yesterday, in the drizzlely rain, in the smallest parish in North America, we had our procession, again.

We didn’t have enough men the same height to carry the statue and be able to trade off, say, at the half mile increments, again and again, an important logistic. So, the statue was in the truck (with Juan Diego) and then also our “antorcha” was carried (the banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe). We sang lots of Marian hymns. We prayed lots of prayers. We wound through the streets of Andrews, going the past the rectory in the picture above, and even had blue-light accompaniment for a while. We arrived safely, with ourselves and the town better for the experience. I have the best parish in the world. I was very moved, very much felt to be the pastor of Jesus’ little flock.

As expected, we came across a gang of druggies, catching them off guard when we had blue-light accompaniment. They stopped and plotted what to do with this sudden invasion into their neighborhood, their turf. Hah!, thought I. They stopped to the side of the road – and, as is always the case with druggies – totally kept their heads down and facing away, not out of any ultra-reverence for Our Lady of Guadalupe, methinks, but so as not to be recognized as the druggies they were. I’ve seen this like hundreds of times in going around with the police. You can blue-light them for a stop right along side of them, sirens screaming, and they will just put their heads down and turn away. They knew I knew who they were, even if they were turned away. But, it had to be impressive to them, this manifestation of piety, of religion, of all that is good and holy, leaving them flabbergasted. Good! It’s all a bit disarming. Well, actually not for everyone…

There was concern just a few minutes later on a super narrow 25mph multiple blind curve road on the procession route, when some twenty-something white-boys young men in a large silver truck drove along in the opposing lane of traffic rather aggressively, not slowing down for the conditions of crowded narrow streets on blind curves in the rain. They circled around again and did the same thing within just a minute, the second time with phone video going. Maybe they were pious and devout young men wanting to keep the wonderful memories of the procession forever!

Being evil and bad, I was thinking, instead, the second time through, with their being equally aggressive and now evidently super-pumped on adrenaline (I saw them from like two feet away as they passed by way too quickly), that Jesus’ little flock was going to be purposely rammed, you know, because it takes a lot of bravery to run over people peacefully praying, you know, because it takes a lot of bravery to run over little kids with an oversized truck with tires taller than they are, you know, to be men of valor, to be tough. But maybe they thought they were patriots “protecting America” from “illegal immigrants.” But they didn’t stop to ascertain who they were. They only saw that they were Latinos. Those were my bad and evil thoughts, which, however, were shared by one our extremely capable military guys (hey! other white-boys!) accompanying the procession to protect against any possible worst case scenarios. I wonder if the video of those two young men will show up on FB (which I don’t have). But I grant that their comments might well appreciate a pious procession and be entirely supportive in these times of Covid-lockdown…

Having said that, other town residents voiced their opinion that what they were seeing was “great” and “beautiful”, all smiles and all encouragement, including from one of the local ministers and his wife. I love that, a lot.

There was talk that next year we might expand the route a bit, like some 15 more miles. We’ll see about that!

But that’s the procession. There was also some talk complaining that along with the processions, there’s not enough talk: Father George, you gotta put up more of your sermons on-line! Do it! We depend on them!

Yikes. Now I feel guilty. I’ve been remiss. It’s just that no matter how presentable any homily might happen to be, I always ruin it, so to speak, for publication, making an off-hand comment over against, say, the USCCB, against unhelpful ambiguity, against religiously criminal activities. But maybe it’s important to voice all that as well. Saint Pius X did, right?

So, I say, “Not enough talk, and longer processions!”


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ACS American Community Survey impossible questions for a priest

The ACS of the U.S. Census Bureau is still visiting the blog, you know, from Suitland, MD – a real city, look it up in Google maps – and from Fort George G Meade. So, I’ll keep up my critiques. Here we go:

Question 34 LAST WEEK [That’s the ACS capitalization screaming at you, not me.] what time did this person’s trip to work usually begin?

Answer: The problem in answering this is that for a priest there is no “usually”. Once it was something like 4:30 AM. Another like 5:35 AM. Another 5:00 PM. Another like 11:30 AM. Another like getting on toward 7:00 PM. Sometimes it’s after midnight as there are trips to the emergency room anytime day or night. There are emergency last rites calls at any time of the day or night, and not just at the local emergency room, but in many hospitals including out of state. It is what it is. There are trips to the supermarket for Covid-comorbidity stricken people any time during the day or evening. On and on. A priest is to be man of service both religiously and for the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, and that service isn’t timed to the minute and with a “usually” known perhaps only to those tender snowflake government desk jockeys who seem to think that can be done (because surely they think that everyone is just like them, right?). If they had a greater solidarity with their fellow man they might make such a question possible to answer for a man of service, right? I mean, do they not stop on the way to or from even their desks to get things for the Covid-morbidity people in their lives, in their neighborhoods, in their towns? No? No service needed from even these elite desk jockeys? Never gets more complicated making times really impossible to fall in a category of “usually”? Pity, that, that we have such a heart-less, soul-less, truly un-American ACS. Americans stick together, but, this?

Question 35 How many minutes did it usually take this person to get from home to work LAST WEEK? [That’s the ACS capitalization, screaming at you, not me.]

Answer: Same thing as above. My “work[place]” – for them, because they are desk jockeys, think that “work” must be a “work[place],” that is, in a fixed geographical location, like a Census Bureau desk. There’s no thought in the ACS for any priest who is a pastor in the… wait for it… pasture. I’m with the flock all the time. Today will be the same. About six hours of travel and more doing things only a priest can do. My parish spreads out in three counties, and, effectively, four, because of certain logistical logistics about which I have spoken with my higher-ups any number of times. Moreover, I have an apostolate in the diocese which carries me elsewhere, even outside the diocese. Moreover, I am still a Missionary of Mercy, and this can carry me far and wide. The problem in answering where work happens to be is that my “work” as shepherd is everywhere that the flock happens to be, you know, wherever that one stray sheep out of a hundred happens to be, where any dying sheep happens to be. So…. “work[place].” I get it. It’s impossible for a priest to answer this. Again, I am liable for not answering up to the tune of $5,000.00 and five years in prison. As president Trump would say, these are real beauties who come up with this kind of sheer self-centered idiocy. Today is one of those days wherein I will be five or six hours on the road to get to where I am going as the priest that I am to do up some priestly work that only a priest can do. Other days, with Masses in multiple counties and Communion calls in multiple counties, that count could be four or five hours minus the Masses and stops. If you include all that I can be running from, say, 2:00 AM to even 8:30 PM (once it was getting on to midnight), at which point I want to just drop from exhaustion instead of timing every minute for desk jockeys who know nothing other than their desks. If they want such an intimate account of everything in my life, they should come along with me for a “day in the life…” I get to choose the day! Other days, it might be like less than 10 minutes on the road, but even that depends. Often I stop to talk with people on the way. Does that count? Or am I not allowed to be a priest? I like being out and about with Jesus’ little flock. There is no “usually.” An average doesn’t account for the truth. And if an interrogator assisting me to fill out the form says to just write down anything because, like, who cares, because they themselves change the answers at will to get what they want, you know, for security reasons, as they themselves say, well then, I would still refuse to lie. Ain’t gonna happen. But instead of letting it go, the ACS threatens, again, to fine me up to $5,000.00 and put me in a Federal Penitentiary for up to five years, you know, for not answering even one question on their 48 page intimate questionnaire. At least they don’t [yet] use polygraphs about “work” and what “work” really is, you know, to prove it, by reciting what goes on in, say, spiritual direction or a Sacramental Confession, you know, on the fly, not at my desk. Happens everywhere. Is that work? You know, in an airport terminal, in a train, on the side of the road? It’s the chaotic life of a shepherd who is with his sheep, caring for them, out in the pasture, and away from the pasture, beyond even those highly touted peripheries.

In other words, the ACS is more interested in taking out a citizen in good standing, a man of service for the community, for those most in need, and stop him specifically from being a Catholic priest, with all their fines and imprisonment, just to check off another box on another form, but meanwhile causing a whole region to suffer for having no pastor for the flock. Do they care? They should have been at the epic funeral we had yesterday… Had they tender snowflake ACS crowd been there to hear the homily about death, I think they would quit the ACS and get a life.

If you think I’m being too harsh about this, know that these guys have already proven their specifically anti-Catholic malice. I’ve written on that recently, and about their opinion of all Catholic priests living in Catholic Rectories. Do I have to repeat it, taunting the ACS at the Census Bureau? I feel like doing up some litigation against these anti-Americans just to cast a light on their fraud, because it is that, isn’t it? Just a question. But a SCOTUS Justice like Amy Coney Barrett might be able to answer that for all of us.


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Adoration vs COVID. Jesus wins.

Even if the one could find some law enforcement officers to drive an MRAP up the steps and through the picture window and over the statue of the Sacred Heart and into the pews of our tiny store-front church up in Robbinsville so as to neutralize the COVID threat of a few members of Jesus’ little flock gathered together to adore the Divine Son of the Living God, the Living Bread of Life (see John 6), what with them being all well spaced ’round the church, I’m guessing that the LEOs, even non-Catholic, would fall to their knees as they saw for themselves, despite all their bluster, that they were being ignored by these ever so peaceful people, all of whom strongly support law enforcement, you know, as these defenseless members of the flock simply continued to adore Jesus, never resisting arrest, but simply ready peacefully to be on their way to heaven. After all, whatever bluster anyone on this earth can put forth, it is Jesus, the Divine Son of the Living God who will come to judge the living and the dead and world by fire. What a way to go, on one’s knees adoring the Living God. Great!

But, you’re right. I’m mocking other parts of these USA where the real police have resigned in disgust of the anti-American powers that be in their Dem localities, but only to be replaced by those who lied when taking their oath to uphold the God-given and unalienable Constitutional First Amendment rites of this Constitutional Republic ever so proud of the Rule of Law. I bet oath taking will be outlawed just as God is outlawed by the Dem party.

As it is, I’m friends with the local county law enforcement as I am signed up as an ICPC (look them up) law enforcement chaplain for that county, with one of my greatest joys during any week being the bible study I have up in the jail. Our great Sheriff, though not Catholic, has been to our church something like eight times over the years. You gotta know, I support our present LEOs. I do wonder, however, if all law enforcement will be outlawed should a stolen POTUS election be effectuated. I tell you what:

Adoration would still continue. I’ve had uncountable officers all around WNC tell me that they would never deprive someone of their Constitutional rights. :-)

But, as I say, conditions change. What’s depicted in the following best ever trailer of For Greater Glory happened still in living memory. Whatever about my promotion of peaceful Adoration of Jesus – by far the most practical thing we can do for the Church and the world – there will always be those who will be Cristeros over against political imprisonment and brutal persecution:

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American Community Survey: “Blaspheme you freak priest!” Me: “I love Jesus.”

The American Community Survey of the U.S. Census Bureau is NOT the Census of the U.S. Census Bureau. The ACS is sent out to relatively few individuals after the Census itself is over and done. The first round of the ACS amounts to a small volume of 48 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, with lots of intrusive, personal questions regarding one’s lifelong unrepeatable history. The penalty for lying or alternatively for not responding to questions is mandated by the U.S. Congress: up to $5,000.00 dollars in fines and up to five years in a Federal Penitentiary.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ultra-super-max-adx-florence-co.png
  • Yours truly, Father George David Byers, Catholic priest and pastor of Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Andrews, NC, admits his “guilt” for ignoring the electronic version of the ACS. It was indicated that a hardcopy would be sent out if I ignored the electronic version, or for some reason couldn’t complete it, such as a bad internet connection.
  • That hardcopy arrived Saturday evening, 21 November 2020. Yours truly also admits that, to date, now a week later, 29 November 2020, I have ignored that hardcopy. It was indicated that if I do not respond promptly with the hard-copy, an in-person interview may be conducted. I’m waiting for the banging on the door to begin. Fun!
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wp-16062236120122321270450683639230.jpg
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wp-16062236026931980249806268339355.jpg

The stats on belligerent non-respondents being chosen to be interviewed, all things being equal, stand at 33%.

All things being equal, this is all random. But I know of two respondents in this region: (1) myself (the rather unwilling however vaunted Regional Census Partner for Western North Carolina); (2) our Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus (who volunteered to go door to door for the Census). The chances that both people tapped to be respondents to the ACS that I just happen to know about would have an already established relationship of some kind with the U.S. Census Bureau are, like, one in a zillion. Ain’t gonna happen. So, not really random.

Also, the ACS, like the Census itself, is dishonest, as they themselves brag about, saying that they will intentionally falsify answers given with the intention of protecting your identity from, you know, hackers and such. So, the whole exercise is used for – what? – gerrymandering political districts so as sway elections? My higher-up in the Census Bureau admitted they were giving talking points on this but wouldn’t talk. Pfft. What a bunch of criminals. Just my opinion. Anyway…

Some questions within the 48 page survey endanger oneself and one’s property. You are required to provide your daily schedule, as in when you leave your residence, to the minute, LAST WEEK (their capitalization), what kind of vehicle you have used in the LAST WEEK (their capitalization), how many minutes it takes you to get from home to work in the LAST WEEK (their capitalization), and extremely detailed information about everything there is to know about telephones and communications devices. Whiskey, Tango, and you know the rest. But that’s about as much as I would complain about the American Community Survey, all things being equal.

////// Humor break: Did I mention that the etymology of “Survey” is “voyeurism from above“? Yep. That would be right. Anyway… //////

Not all things are equal. There are any number of reasons why I cannot respond to the American Community Survey. In this post, I’ll just give one reason, the reason that I will ever so politely iterate to any very nice door-knockers. But I have more reasons.

After I had sent in the Census form of the United States Census Bureau on time and with correct information, such as yours truly being the only one to live in my residence, you know, as a Catholic priest in a Catholic Rectory, I received messages on my phone from three different individuals (some repeated) from the Atlanta Regional Census HQ apoplectic that I had to get in touch with them extremely urgently (I hate that kind of breathlessness) to answer a question they had for me about my residence. I did call them back…

My Catholic religion and I myself were forthwith mocked with great sarcasm by way of an inescapable implication that I am committing any number of criminal activities that must be secretly occurring in the Catholic Rectory where I reside. The only reason for such a concern is that it is, very specifically, a Catholic Rectory. Maybe I wouldn’t have been targeted if I lived in a Presbyterian Presbytery or a Baptist Parsonage, or in the house of a whatever Preacherman, Rabbi or Imam, or I were just an atheist or a Freemason or if I lived in the residence of – dare I say it? – a Democrat. Maybe it’s really because I’m a white boy, therefore “privileged” and, because white, therefore “racist.” This wasn’t about providing my credit card details. It’s not a scam. It’s called a hate crime wrought by the U.S. Census Bureau. To my recollection, the guy at the U.S. Census Bureau baited me multiple times with such words:

  • Because this is a Catholic Rectory we’re talking about, that must necessarily mean that you are keeping women and children there, because it’s a Catholic Rectory, right?

That word “keeping” inescapably implies accusations, right?

  • Prostitution?
  • Porn production?
  • Human trafficking?
  • Illegal immigration?
  • Cannibalism?
  • Targets for target practice?
  • Islamic style polygamy including child-marriage like Muhammad?
  • You fill in the blank: ________________
“Blaspheme Jesus, or we will mock you and kill you!” — “No. I love Jesus!”

Gotta be something like that because, after all, all Catholic Rectories are always necessarily residences used for committing crimes that involve “keeping” women and children. This isn’t one guy in the U.S. Census Bureau with some sort of personal tender snowflake ax to grind. There are three. This is purposed harassment accusing me of lying on the Census about numbers of people in the rectory and accusing me of any number of vile criminal activities.

So, it being that the Department of Commerce’s Census Bureau has me maliciously targeted only because I’ve been ordained a Catholic Priest and only because I live in a Catholic Rectory, how is it, I ask, that I am supposed to trust the next subsidiary of the U.S. Census Bureau called the American Community Survey, which also asks about any others living in whatever residence. The U.S. Census Bureau has already said that I must be a liar, feloniously attacking me in the form of a religious hate crime. What am I supposed to do with the repeated questions? Jesus was silent before Pontius Pilate. That’s my only way to proceed. That silence sent Jesus to His death. It will only cost me $5,000.00 and five years in prison. So, what-ev-uh!

Someone is surely going to say that belligerent non-respondents are not prosecuted for like the last zillion years, but the demonstrated malice on their part in my case is truly striking. In a swampy administration, I’m guessing that this kind of malice will be the common way of proceeding.

Richard: “You must lie to God under oath!” St Thomas More: “No! I love Jesus!”

What it means is this: I will be able to avoid a $5,000.00 fine and five years in a Federal Penitentiary if only I assent to their religious hate crime by agreeing with them that all priests always and everywhere are keeping women and children in their Catholic rectories because they are Catholic priests living in Catholic rectories, and only if I then proceed to agree to cooperate with the American Community Survey based on that presumption, so that I must lie and say that I am indeed keeping women and children in this Catholic rectory according to the numbers that they will, I guess, provide themselves, since there are in all actuality exactly zero women and children living here, or visiting here, ever. Doesn’t happen. But they consider that to be a lie, so they will fine me and imprison me anyway, you know, to cover up their religious hate crime.

BUT IT’S ALL MUCH WORSE: All of this is a blasphemy against God, who is Himself disparaged by the assertion that all of Jesus’ priests must necessarily be monstrous sinners because and only because they are Jesus’ priests. To threaten one of Jesus’ priests to blaspheme Jesus under threat of a $5,000.00 fine and five years in a Federal Penitentiary is that which is subversive to the Constitutional Republic of these United States of America, which instead boasts of the free exercise of religion, that is, freedom from the religious hate-criminals crushing the unalienable rights of citizens in good standing. The first amendment protects citizens from their government, which is supposed to be for, by and of the people.

“You must blaspheme Jesus!” — “No! I love Jesus! He’s the Lamb of God!”

What is happening with me is a full on persecution of religion by the government in this otherwise Constitutional Republic boasting of the Rule of Law, viz., these United States of America. Just the other week, the great SCOTUS Justice Samuel Alito was right to warn us all about the hell of religious persecution coming upon us.

“You must blaspheme Jesus!” — “No! We love Jesus!”

I’m guessing that the nice interviewers won’t come around for another few days or maybe another week or two because of Thanksgiving week throwing the schedule off just a bit. But maybe, if they then have time to read this post they’ll just choose to skip me altogether, you know, if all things were being equal. And, yes, I do get multiple hits from the U.S. Census Bureau to this tiny blog written by yours truly, an obscure mountain priest in this tiniest of parishes in North America.

///// UPDATE: Since this was published, the US Census Bureau has indeed visited the blog, with this post right near the top. Here’s that stat:

THAT didn’t take long. So, they are fully aware of what I have written here.

I’m an easy target for the cowardly but self-perceived powerful people, an expendable and insignificant test case. They have no idea that Christ Jesus, the Son of the Living God will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. But, as I say, there’s not a great chance that I will be skipped considering their religious hate crimes against yours truly.

“You must blaspheme Jesus!” — “No! We love Jesus!”

Having said all that, their religious hate crime is only one objection. I have plenty more. And if they push, I will iterate another in detail, and if they push back, well, then, we’ll just have ourselves a little bit of discovery going on, won’t we? I’ll finally be able to delve into all those “files” of the Department of State. Heh heh heh. So, I don’t expect to see any Feds at the rectory at all. But sometimes people feel so “powerful” they just go ahead and launch themselves right into it, especially when they think that their swamp has sucked justice and integrity and honesty and the Constitution and the Rule of Law right down into the vortex of their quagmire…

“You must blaspheme Jesus!” — “No! Viva Cristo Rey!”

Look, I just want to continue being the Catholic priest for Jesus’ little flock here in Western North Carolina while being a patriotic American citizen in good standing. To desire good things is not virtue signaling. It’s called the hope of a sinner in God’s mercy, and the hope of a citizen in a very dark world.

But I’ll tell you what: I am totally disgusted by the swamp rats who hate God and who hate these United States, who have no integrity, no honor, no patriotism, who specifically hate Catholic priests and the Catholic Church.

I am attracted instead by the honor and patriotism instilled in me by my father, a great American hero, a practicing Catholic who taught me how to kneel properly at an altar rail, how to love Jesus. I proclaim that to the world:

These are some of the WWII medals awarded to my father and which White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was able to get for me from the Department of the Navy and the U.S. Army. There’s two for the first, three for the second, and thank God only one of the third. Dad should have a war film based on him. He’s already been alluded to on the screen (Bah Bah Black Sheep) as he was the commander of the famed Checkerboard Squadron. The caption says: “George Byers Jr (1924-1993) USMC VLMB 611 & VMFA 312 Checkboard CMC. The world thanks you, dad. May you rest in peace. Amen.

This isn’t hero worship of my father. He was a sinner. He went to confession. I’m a sinner. I go to confession. When we honor the heroes it’s not done by acclaiming them and that’s it. That’s cheap. Jesus condemned that kind of fake praise. Instead, thanking our heroes is all about striving to follow their example of risking their lives continuously for God and country by doing the same ourselves. Pro Deo et Patria. That others may live. All that. Yes. All for Jesus, for neighbor, for country.

Can those who hate Jesus hurt me in this world specifically because of Jesus’ Holy Name? Yes. Can they hurt me specifically because I am one of Jesus’ little ones? Yes. And, being weak, I am a little bit in trepidation about that, like the greatest of all prophets, John the Baptist, was in trepidation, he wondering if Jesus was really the Messiah, because, you know, it shouldn’t be that the Forerunner, John, should get his head cut off for witnessing to the ten commandments, for if Jesus were really the Savior, He would stop that, right? Jesus’ response was to have John told that he wasn’t to be offended by Jesus. It’s the ol’ “as the Master (who will be crucified) so the disciple,” who was then forthwith decapitated.

It boils down to this:

  • American Community Survey Interrogator: “Curse God and blaspheme Jesus!”
  • Father George David Byers: “Praise God! I love Jesus!”
  • Jesus:

“Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you falsely because of me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven. Thus they persecuted the prophets who were before you (Matthew 5:10-12 nab).”

I really like how Luke recalls this:

“Blessed are you when people hate you, and when they exclude and insult you, and denounce your name as evil on account of the Son of Man. Rejoice and leap for joy on that day! Behold, your reward will be great in heaven. For their ancestors treated the prophets in the same way. (Luke 6:22-23 nab)

Yes, I really like that: “Rejoice and leap for joy!” That’s Jesus saying that. So, I better do it. I hope I don’t sprain my ankle! Here goes… LEAP!… I survived!

Woohoo! :-)


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